Makings of a decent commercial storage

Storage units can be so helpful. But, the question is how to choose the right one. What is important when you are looking for decent commercial storage? It is not a difficult choice to make, but just if you know what you want to store. Calculate how many items you will put in storage and after that start with searching. If you do not know what are the standard sizes of storage units, contact they have all the answers about moving, packing and of course, storage units too.

Uses of storage units

Storage units (or warehouses) for commercial uses are very helpful. There are 2 major reasons why people rent it:

  1. Temporary storage – For example, if you are moving and you need a couple of days to store your furniture and other boxes, you can rent it until you find a home or until you settle the obligations you have. Find a decent commercial storage for your items and do not worry about it. 
  2. Permanently storage – Your new home is too small for all your items, but you cannot throw them. A storage unit is a perfect solution. You do not have to throw away everything. You can store for example off-season clothes and furniture you do not need right now.

What should a decent commercial storage have

First, of course, do a background check of a storage company. Then ask a few important things about storage services. What they offer and what should a storage unit have, to be decent, reliable and good.

Climate control

Climate-controlled units are necessary if you need long-term storage for delicate items. Also, if the storage is in an area with extreme temperature changes. Yes, it is a little bit expensive but, the safety of your prized and valuable items is number one. If you have wooden furniture, fabrics, and other special items, the changes in temperature and humidity are can damage them. To protect your items from the extreme temperature changes, consider using climate-controlled storage. Every decent storage should have this option.

Three air conditioners on the wall.

Climate-control is very important in the storage unit. Make sure the storage company you hire can provide you that.


Storages that are located in the city center are more expensive than remote ones. But it does not matter. But, it is important to be near your home if you need regular access to your stored belongings. Choosing a storage that is far away from your home is a good decision if you do not have needs to go there often. You will waste a lot of time on the road and you will also have to pay for the fuel too. That’s why if you are going to be in the storage unit very little, rent it in the more affordable area and save money.


Every decent commercial storage must have a good security system. EVERY! Items you will store and pay to be stored must be very valuable to you. In this case, you will want security for them. A storage facility should be equipped with security features to protect items that are inside from damaging and thieves. But, what does it mean?

A security camera for the storage.

You want your items to be safe always. So, a decent commercial storage must have it. It is one of the best quality.

What does the security system mean?

The surveillance system is the first thing to check. Storage facilities should have alarm systems and also, security cameras. It is important to record any activities around the exterior and interiors, as well. No illegal action will be unnoticed. It will be nice to have a fence too. Because the entire complex should be surrounded by a strong fence and gate. The storages should have an equipped gate that can be unlocked only with the right access code and key. This is a big and one of the most important qualities of decent commercial storage units. 

Live security guards are also a good security. Under the security system are not just cameras and alarms. It is important to prevent a fire for example. Smoke detectors, fire alarms, and sprinkler systems should be installed. Not only items can be damaged, humans are in danger too. Also, there should be an efficient ventilation system in the storage units. Enabling air circulation is to prevent the buildup of mildew.

A condition of the storage UNIT

The excellent condition is what makes a storage facility trustworthy. So, if you were thinking what are the makings of a good storage unit that’s it. The storage buildings must be in good shape, this means with no structural damage. Any cracks in the walls or holes in the roof can be a sign of leaks and pest infestation. If the facilities are clean and tidy that’s a good sign. Trash all over the storage, dirty surfaces or messy driveways means potential risk for you and your goods. Also, one of the qualities is plenty of parking places with direct access to your storage unit. Pay attention to the other storage units, next to yours. Because if there are too many empty storage cells it may be a red flag. Something may be wrong with the facility, so check them twice to be sure.

Cracked wall in the storage.

If you see any crack in the wall, it is not a good and most important, safe storage unit for your items.

We hoped that we explain you everything important about finding and renting a decent commercial storage unit for you. Maybe some of these tips sound irrelevant but pay attention to the little details too. After all, you will store your valuable items inside and you do not want something to happen to them.




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