Moving from NY to San Diego – what’s to know?

You are considering moving from NY to San Diego soon and you want to be fully prepared and organized? Finding a moving company and packing is just one of the parts of the relocation process. The rest of the preparations are looking for a home, and knowing what to expect after moving. From weather to costs of living.

Hiring a company for moving from NY to San Diego

Moving cross country, in this case from NY to San Diego is a job for professionals unless you have a lot of experience in moving and driving a moving truck for that long. The simplest and safest solution is to hire a reliable moving company that is specialized in long-distance relocations.

You can hire a full-service moving company and they will pack and transport all the items. Especially if you have to move antiques across the country and fragile items. Don’t lose time and money by packing too many winter clothing. 

The weather will be the biggest change

One of the biggest changes you will need to adjust is the weather. Weather in NY is much colder and San Diego is always warm and sunny. Moving to a different climate is a big change and shock for our bodies. But, you will get used to nice weather and high temperatures after a while.

Biking in San Diego after moving from NY to San Diego.

Enjoy the beautiful weather in California after moving from NY to San Diego

Costs of living in San Diego, CA

San Diego is not a cheap place to live, and NY is not cheap too. So, you are already used to high costs of living. But, even San Diego is expensive, NY is more expensive. For example, rent for a one-bedroom apartment in NYC is $3,000 while in San Diego is around $2,000 in the center of the city.

When searching for a house in California when moving long-distance, look first online and don’t give a deposit before you see the house.

Public transportation

Driving in NY is almost impossible, but the subway is great and it can take you anywhere. In California, particularly in San Diego owning a car is normal and recommended. Of course, there is a traffic jam too but not as much as in NY. You can use public transportation in San Diego if you don’t own a car, and it is well-connected.

San Diego at night.

After moving, you will need time to adjust to new streets and different lifestyle

What to do after moving from NY to San Diego?

After arriving in San Diego from NY what to do? The moving process is not finished yet.

  • Update your driver’s license, you have 10 days after moving from NY to San Diego to update it.
  • Register your vehicle within 20 days after moving.
  • Register to vote.
  • If you are moving to San Diego with a dog, you must get a dog license within 30 days.
  • San Diego has a library with 5.3 million books, so be a member of the city library.
  • Spend time on the beach and relax after moving from NY to San Diego.


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