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    Queens is one of the five NYC counties, and the largest one. When people talk about business and NC, the first things in their mind is, Manhattan, as a center of the economy, culture, fashion, etc. But, it is not the only part of Big Apple where you can make a success in career. If you want to consider to move your business to Queens, then you should research and get all the info you need. Starting or relocating your own business can be stressful, risky, and hard. On the other hand, with a good team and business plan, it is worth to try.

    Write all the pros and cons and compare San Diego vs NYC, where the job market is better for you. No matter where you want to move an office, it will always have some kind of risk. The population is about 2.5 million, so for starting a business in a new place, it is an excellent situation. So, this is the first advantage of moving your career to Queens.

    The statue of liberty
    NYC is a center of entertainment, economy, fashion, art, so find your spot here and grow the business

    The economy of Queens, NY

    First of all, doing research about the economy in Queens, NY and the job market is a must. You can do it alone or with a team of your employees. Facts to know about this borough before you decide are:

    • The US average of the unemployment rate is 3.9% but in Queens, the rate is lower, at 3.5%.
    • During the last year (2018), the job market increased by 0.5%.
    • To move your business to Queens, you should have information about the future job market. The growth in the next 10 years should be about 31.3%, that is what statistics say.
    • Sales tax rate are 8.9%
    • Income taxes are 6.5%. Both types of taxes (sales and income) are higher than the national average for about 1.5%.
    • The average income per year (for one person) is $26,500.
    • The average household income per year is $60,000.
    • The biggest industries in Queens are health care and social assistance, retail trade, transportation and warehousing, food services, and construction.
    Calculating the costs of moving a business to Queens
    Follow official statistics about the economy and job market and try to create a business plan for 10 years

    Best places in Queens to start a business

    Queens is a big county so you can choose where to move. It mostly depends on the type of business you own. Some neighborhoods are perfect for young professionals, some are good for families if you move to Queens with kids and looking for good schools there.

    So, what do you expect from a new place? What types of services you will offer to Queens residents? If the location of a business is an important part, then choose wisely and follow the statistics. The last thing you want is a fail and a bankrupt and a location is a big factor. One of the best neighborhoods for a business and young professionals here, in Queens are:

    • Astoria
    • Long Island City
    • Forest Hills
    • Kew Garden
    • Glendale
    • Bayside

    How to move your business to Queens?

    When you choose a location and team, how the question is how to move your business to Queens and not the loose productivity and clients? Moving without stress is possible when you are fully prepared and organized. That is why reading a guide is helpful, not only for you but also for the entire team.

    Analytics of relocating the business
    You need to have the entire plan of how to move a business

    Create a plan

    When you make a decision of moving to Queens or moving out of Queens, immediately create a plan and a team. Each step should be organized, so have a meeting, gather your employees and consider each step of the relocation.

    Take inventory

    Of course, you do not want to lose documents and office equipment. Take inventory and make a list of all office supplies you will move. The rest you can donate or sell. Consider buying some new equipment for a new office.

    Set a deadline and create a schedule

    It is important to stick to deadlines because time is money. Office moves should be fast and effective, especially when you have clients waiting. You can lose a lot of money just because your relocation is taking too much time.

    Include co-workers in the moving process

    Each employee should pack its own desk and stuff. Work together as a team and notify them in advance. You will be done faster and more organized.

    Pack properly

    Office furniture and supplies can be challenging to pack, so pay attention. Big desks should be disassembled and equipment such as printers, phones, etc should be in a firm box to avoid damages. Consider moving out of Queens with some assistance and you will not need to pack all the furniture by yourself.

    Hire a moving company

    Find a company that can handle your office move with ease. They must be licensed, insured and experienced. Research moving companies online and get some recommendations. A good company will have a website where you can read about their services and reviews such as

    Notify your suppliers and clients about moving

    You must notify all your clients and suppliers that you are changing the office address. You can leave this task to someone you trust while you are finishing other obligations. The last thing you want is to lose customers after the relocation is over just because you did not call and update them.


    And now, when you have more facts than before, you should know will you move or not. Keep in mind that anywhere you go, it will take some risks. Deciding to move your business to Queens it is only up to you, of course, but gather your team and talk to them too. Plan a relocation together and ask them for ideas and help. Choose a location and do research about competition.