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    You have finally moved to Canada, congratulations. It does not matter what is your reason for moving to Canada – to be closer to your family, to be with your loved one, to start a new job, or to just change things a bit – it would be usually to move here and not to experience all the adventurous things this place has to offer. That can be something crazy like taking an ice bath at Quebec Winter Carnival, hanging out with the polar bears, trying dog sledding, etc., or it can be something more ‘normal’ like snow fishing, skiing, or sleeping in an ice hotel. Just make sure you have a couple of days off and that your backpack is full of change of clothes. Leave everything else to us. We will share with you some of the most thrilling Canada places for ex-pats who seek adventure this winter. So, if you are an ex-pat of that kind, just keep on reading.

    Johnstone Strait

    Johnstone Strait is one of the most scenic places you can visit not only in Canada but also in the entire world. It is located on the northeastern side of Vancouver Island and it can be easily reached from wherever you are. What is interesting about this place is the fact that Johnstone Strait is considered to be one of the first whale heritage sites ever! There, you can watch the whales, swim with them, or try something more interesting like kayaking or paddling with them. If this does not draw you to Johnstone Strait, we really do not know what will. Moreover, if you are a whale enthusiast, you will be glad to hear that this place is home to 8 different cetacean species! So, after you are done writing a review for a moving company that helped you move, head to Johnstone Strait – you will not be disappointed.

    Cape Breton Island

    Cape Breton Island definitely belongs to the group of the most thrilling Canada places for those who seek adventure. Yes, this place is primarily known for whale watching, just like Johnstone Strait. But, do not worry – there are plenty of other things you can do here. So, once your unpack you, put on your walking shoes, and head to the top of the island. Not only are the trails amazing, but so are the views from the top. However, if you are not in the mood for all that walking, you can also try kayaking, boating, fishing, or even swimming. Then, when you are ready to take some rest, go to one of the cabin-like restaurants and try the local specialty of the day or meet some French or Gaelic-speaking residents. Yes, right here in Cape Breton Island live French and Scottish residents who are always more than welcoming.


    If you want to have fun, do not think about how to turn your basement into a game room. Instead, go outside! Canada is one of the most exciting places to be in, so take advantage of that. For instance, go to Churchill. This small town also goes by the nickname of the ‚ÄúPolar Bear Capital of the World’. Why? Because it is the one and only place where you can see polar bears. And, not only that! If you come to Churchill in October or November, you can also interact with polar bears. You can join a tour in the so-called tundra buggies which will take you to a place where polar bears hunt. Do not worry – dong this is safe for both you and the bears as long as you follow your tour organizers. Of course, we cannot finish the story of Churchill and not mention that here too, you can also see the whales, go birdwatching, or experience aurora borealis, or northern lights, in person.


    When people think about Hamilton, the first things that come to their minds are usually sports, music, entertainment, nightlife, as well as plenty of cultural ‘places’ such as museums, galleries, and heritage sites. However, Hamilton can be a lot more thrilling than that! That is, you can experience a lot more adrenalin here than you might think. For instance, here, you can try treetop trekking, mountain climbing, and Hamilton’s most beautiful natural attractions – waterfalls. Believe it or not, but Hamilton is home to more than 120 different waterfalls. Of course, Niagara Falls are the ones getting the most attention, but if you want to see something different, we suggest checking out Albion Falls and Devil’s Punchbowl Falls. Trust us, you will enjoy the falls and nature that surround it – you will enjoy it so much that you will want to move closer to them. And why wouldn’t you- moving to Hamilton is easy, but it’s best to engage professionals who can help you move just in case.

    Niagara Falls - one of the most thrilling Canada places for expats.
    If you love water and nature, you will certainly love Hamilton.


    Last but certainly not least thrilling Canada place for ex-pats who seek adventure is the one and only Whistler. If you are a professional skier (or an amateur one), you have probably heard of this place. Whistler is one of the biggest and most celebrated ski resorts not only in Canada but also in the entire world. Professional skiers come here all the time to either compete or to enjoy skiing with their fellows. But, if you are not a professional skier, do not let that discourage you from visiting this beautiful place. There are trails adjusted to all levels of expertise here. And, once you get tired of skiing (or snowboarding), you can also try ziplining through snow-capped trees. Trust us, this will be one of those memories you will cherish for life! Whatever you decide to do here, be sure to bring your winter clothes – it can be freezing in Whistler!

    We mentioned some of the most thrilling Canada places for ex-pats who seek adventure – hopefully, we helped you decide where to go on your next vacation, or even where to move abroad. Whatever you decide, be sure that you did not make a mistake. After all – all of these places are unique, thrilling, and beautiful in their own way.