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    We would all just love to find ourselves in our new apartment. In a new city, without any stress that is involved in moving. Unfortunately, that is not possible for most of us, and we have to deal with it. When your moving gets official, what should you do? You hire a moving company and start packing, of course. But does it need to be so expensive? It’s easy to find cheap movers if you follow and combine things that we listed.

    Set your budget

    The most important step to do is to determine your budget. After you have done this, you will know exactly how much money you have and you will be able to choose the best option for yourself. Of course, you can’t know in advance how much money you will need. So, after researching all there is to know about moving companies and their prices, you should be able to avoid all of the rookie mistakes, and find affordable movers in no time.

    Gather all important documents

    You should gather all of the important moving documents that you will need right away. You don’t want your whole relocation to come to a halt because you didn’t provide all the papers that you needed. We all know that this is a task that no one likes to do, but if you do it on time you won’t have any problems in later stages of your move.

    man on a chair looking at the laptop
    Documents can be gathered online.

    Start searching right now

    After you did your research, you should start looking for options as soon as possible. If you don’t waste your time in the beginning, you will have a much greater chance of finding inexpensive movers, and also you will save yourself from lots of relocation stress. Here are some reasons why this is.

    • You’ll have choices to choose from – Booking a few months prior to the move will make your price lower.
    • You’ll get a discount – In many moving companies, if you book a couple of months prior – you get a discount. They are trying to secure as many jobs as they can ahead of time. Why wouldn’t you use that to save money?
    • You can choose a date that is suitable for relocation – September to May are the best months for moving. Try to set your moving date in the second or third week of the month, as they are less busy than weeks at the beginning and the end of the month. If you can, choose a weekday. It will be much harder to find cheap movers during the weekends.

    Do not hire movers in the last minute. You’ll have nothing to choose from and you will have to pay enormous prices for an average service.

    You can’t find cheap movers in no time.

    Ask for recommendations

    When you are trying to find a moving company you do not want it to be only affordable. You want it to be reliable as well. And you simply can not know which one will be both. It is only logical that every company will brag about how good they are, and every single one of them will claim to be the best. Now that can’t be true, so now is the time to turn to reviews and recommendations.

    For sure you know someone that moved recently. If you don’t, ask around. Word of mouth is the best advertising, and if few people refer you to the same mover, you shouldn’t hesitate. That means that the mover in question always does a good job, and that’s what you want. Also, be sure to always ask for the price that they were charged in the end. That will let you know if this option is in within your price range. When finding inexpensive movers, you always have to be on a look, because you never know when you will encounter a perfect opportunity.

    If you are moving far away from home, things get a little bit trickier. You will be in need of help to find cheap long distance moving assistance, as long distance moves are by nature of things more complicated than short ones.

    Consider local moving companies

    It may seem like a better idea to hire a big, nationwide company with a good reputation, but small local movers can be a much cheaper alternative.

    You can almost be sure that big moving companies won’t make you a victim of a fraud, and that they won’t overcharge you at the end of the move. They have to look after their reputation and are very often part of some even larger professional organization that guarantees concurrence with all the federal laws and regulations.

    That, of course, doesn’t mean that choosing a small or medium-sized moving company directly leads to a scam. They usually depend on moving jobs that are in their immediate areas, so they are trying really hard to gain the trust of the locals, and will very often proffer lower prices just to attract more customers. Also, there is a much bigger chance that you know someone that used services of a local mover, so you’ll be able to easily get first-hand information about their work and prices.

    Request for a few in-home price estimates

    When your search is narrowed on a few companies, call them and request for an in-home estimate. That means that they’ll send a representative that will come to your house for a visual survey. Show them everything that you intend to relocate, give them all important information, and talk about the details of your move. With this, you will ensure that there will be no last minute surprises.

    Don’t accept the first offer that you get. That is a rookie mistake. It may seem like a great offer, but it is in your interest to go through a few in-home estimates so that you can pick the best one after you compared them all.

    woman with magnifying glass
    In-home price estimate is a good way of getting cognition of a cost.

    It’s not easy to find cheap movers that are reliable

    Finding inexpensive movers can be a real challenge, as hiring a cheap mover can be a mixed blessing. If not careful, people may think that they are getting a super deal, and end up with broken, damaged or lost belongings that may be very important. So it is crucial that you take your time, analyze every data you can find, and read every review when you are trying to find cheap movers that are reliable.