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    Your business is growing and it is time to expand it to another city. It is great for your Orlando business, but you need to make a business plan and know where and how to expand it. If you want to have a business on the West Coast too, you should first choose a location. Expanding your Orlando business to the West Coast is possible but you need a guide and a team to work with.

    Best West Coast cities for businesses

    Where are the best cities to move your business or to expand your business? The USA has plenty of cities that offer great conditions for businesses and that is your first step to take – to choose a new location for your business on the West Coast. Some of the cities are listed below:

    • Los Angeles – California is one of the best states for startups and LA is one of the cities with the biggest job growth in the USA. LA has a great economy and consumer spending is higher than the national average. Costs of living are high, but it doesn’t stop owners to run a business from here. If you want to move a business from Florida to California, hire a company that will help you accomplish it. One of the movers to research are
    • Nashville – this is not only a city known for music and bars. Yes, it is a big part of Nashville, but also, the economy is growing fast. The rate of startup growth is about 95%. Consider expanding your Orlando business to the West Coast, here in Nashville.
    • Portland – Portland is a cultural hub and the costs of living here are lower when comparing them to the rest of the West Coast cities. It has big economic potential and job growth.
    • Seatle – in 2016, this city was the fastest growing city in the USA and one of the best places to live in too. The economy is booming and it is home to one of the largest tech companies. Many business owners want to have a business here, despite a little bit higher cost of living.
    A view of buildings in Orlando.
    Is it time to take your business to another level and to attract clients outside of Orlando?

    Tips for expanding your Orlando business to the West Coast

    Succesful small and big businesses want to expand their business and to open another office – it is normal. You can choose a big city on the West Coast or to explore the benefits of starting a business in a small town and expand business there. It depends on the type of business.

    Following the company's growing.
    When the business is growing, you should consider opening another location, for example, expanding your Orlando business to the West Coast

    Determine is it time to expand business now?

    Analyze the market in a West Coast city where you want to expand your business. Is it now the best time for opening a new location or is it better to wait a little bit? Also, if you are moving items that need special attention, you need to organize a relocation of those items. Not every business model is set up for expansion, it depends on many different factors and the type of business you are running.

    Get all permits and licenses

    When you are expanding your Orlando business to the West Coast, you will need new permits and licenses because each state has its own rules and regulations. Florida has different rules from California, Arizona, Washington, etc. Depending on your business, you will need to get all the documentation. If you are opening a restaurant, for example, you will need a permit for serving alcohol. Before getting all the certificates, you (your company) can’t start working.

    State Tax Nexus

    Understand what is the state tax nexus – simplify, it is the connection that must exist before a state can tax an out-of-state company. A state tax nexus represents the link a state proves that requires businesses to collect state sales taxes and it can occur even if the company has a significant economic, though not physical, presence in the state.

    Foreign qualify

    Should you foreign qualify when expanding your Orlando business to the West Coast? Yes, because you will have a business in another state from now. You will have some benefits from it such as legal protections and avoiding potential fines. Also, you can create LLC in every state where you want to expand your Orlando business.

    Get familiar with State laws

    Every state has different laws and that is why having a business in another state won’t be the same as having it in Florida. So, understand first state and municipal laws, for example, every state mandates minimum wage laws and have different zoning laws. Talk to attorneys and make sure you are familiar with all the new rules you must follow.

    Moving your business from East to West Coast

    There is an option to move a business from Orlando, FL instead of expanding it. If it is the best solution for your company, then finding the best possible crew for moving your business is part of the process.

    Having a professional commercial mover is highly recommended especially if you need to move all your office equipment and supplies. That will speed up a business move and you will move a business without losing productivity. Gather a team and notify all your employees about moving (as well as your customers and suppliers).

    Making a plan for expanding your Orlando business to the West Coast.
    Ask professionals for advice and help about moving or expanding business


    Expanding your Orlando business to the West Coast is good news for you as a business owner and for your employees. Now when you have a guide to follow, the process will be a little bit easier. Make a strategy with your team of people you trust and expand your brand. Also, you must work on marketing too. A new city needs to know that your business is coming. Every serious business will spend time and money on marketing and website.