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    In general, moving can be one of the most stressful things you do in your lifetime. In fact, it most likely is. And a large part of that comes from packing. Whether you are moving away from your four-bedroom house, or one-bedroom apartment, packing is no easy feat. It takes time, patience and, of course, focus. One way you can reduce stress is to have the necessary packing supplies on standby. This will be the most important step to your successful move. Here are some of the best rated packing supplies that you need to have in your arsenal to tackle the challenging world of packing!

    When to leave the packing to professionals

    When it comes to packing and unpacking, it is important to note that you have options. Since it can be quite challenging, packing can actually make you feel quite overwhelmed. If you are not up to the task, that is, if you are not certain that you can do it on your own, then you should look into hiring professionals. Carmack Moving & Storage offers comprehensive services. Their team can help you with every step of your move. As their experienced team takes over, you will have nothing to worry about!

    A must have when it comes to packing supplies – boxes!

    Basically, you can’t even think of moving without boxes. This is the most basic of all packing supplies. And you need to get boxes in various sizes. You will need them for, basically, everything, from quite small things, to large things. The basic idea is to put light items (pillows, sheets, etc.) in bigger boxes, and to put the heavier things (books, tools, etc.) into small boxes. Remember, whether you’re doing it on your own or hiring movers, you must be able to move the boxes. Some of the best boxes that you can get are from Cheap Cheap Moving Boxes and UBOXES or Bankers Box.

    Also, when moving, it is good to first make a list of the things you will have to pack. That is how you will know what sizes of boxes to get. This is also, another reason why you should declutter your house before moving. The less stuff you have, the less stuff there is to put in boxes.

    A clean, tidy living room
    Decluttering means packing less stuff

    Packaging tape

    As most professionals will tell you, packaging tape is not something you should skimp on. It is one of the most important packing supplies you can get. That means, don’t try to save money where tape is concerned. The strength of the tape is actually pivotal for the move. After all, you don’t want your things to get damaged or fall out, right? And that is something that can easily happen if you did not secure them well enough. Now, packaging tape made by Scotch, Tape King or Grizzly Brand is some of the best there is. Sturdy and with enough power to hold down your boxes.

    Bubble wrap

    You can use bubble wrap for many things you need to pack. When it comes to packing supplies, bubble wrap is truly essential. Ranging from small items, to quite large ones. It is also best to use if you have some fragile things. You can simply wrap them snuggly and not worry whether they will come in one piece. Hint – they will, if properly packaged. Remember to put the bubbles inwards if you want to protect your things perfectly. When it comes to the best of the best, people have had good experience with UBOXES, URBANFLIP and Duck Brand bubble wrap. The best part of bubble wrap is that you can simply tear off the length you need.

    Glasses and silverware set on table
    You can wrap your fragile items in bubble wrap

    This, of course, applies if you are currently in the process of moving on your own. However, if you are debating whether you should hire professionals, you most likely should. There are many finesses of the moving craft that they are expert in. Remember, you can always ask for help when moving your household to another address. After all, that is why professionals are there. They offer packing and unpacking services and they know what you need. And, importantly, they know what packing supplies you need.

    Stretch plastic wrap

    Stretch plastic wrap can be used for a number of things. You can use it to secure drawers, whole dressers, even. It can also be used for furniture that you need to keep from dirtying. For instance, wrapping it around chairs can protect it from the weather conditions, as well as from damage. Some of the best stretch plastic wraps there are come from Simply Cool, SAM WRAP and the Boxery. With these packing supplies, you can firmly secure your things and prevent them from damage!

    Packing paper

    You need packing paper for things like dishes, or glass or possibly delicate things. Also, if necessary, you can use it to fill up space in boxes. That way, no matter how bumpy the ride, your things will not move. Therefore, there will be less chance of damage. That is why it is essential to leave enough time for packing. While moving in a week is possible, it requires organizational skills most of us don’t possess. So, if you want to protect your things and make sure they’re secure, do it on time.

    The paper is clean, which is why it is used for things like dishes. You won’t have to wash it again after the move, since it will remain in perfect condition. It is also less bulky than bubble wrap. If you want tested and good packing paper, you can get it from Cheap Cheap Moving Boxes, UBOXES and Tenby Living.

    Set plates on table
    You can use packing paper for your dishes to keep them clean

    Additional packing supplies you can use

    The supplies we have already mentioned are the most important ones and should make your move easy. However, there are others you can use if you want your move to go perfectly. Here are some other packing supplies you can use:

    • Scissors, sharpies and box cutters. Chances are, you most likely have these. However, if you have people helping you out, you should get some for them, as well. That way your packing process will be efficient.
    • Moving blankets. Now, this is not something that you have to necessarily buy. Many moving companies offer the choice of renting them. Moving blankets are mainly used to prevent damage to furniture.
    • Dolly. If you have large pieces that need to be moved, then it is necessary to get a dolly.