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    California is one of the most popular states in the US. No, scratch that – California is the most popular state in the country. It is one of the most diverse, richest, and exciting parts of the world. Anyone who wants to accomplish something big, and have the time of their lives, go to California. However, California has much more to offer. Its size makes it available to anyone, and its wealth makes it attractive to anyone from any part of the world. However, some places are simply better. So, today let’s check out some of the best California neighborhoods for expats!

    Ocean Beach, San Diego

    A beachfront neighborhood of San Diego, appropriately named Ocean beach is certainly one of the best California neighborhoods for expats the state has to offer. Of course, this means that this amazing neighborhood is certainly also one of the best neighborhoods in San Diego.

    Looking at best California neighborhoods for expats.
    California has some fantastic neighborhoods for expats. You should check them out!

    With wonderful ocean air and a great party atmosphere, Ocean Beach has a lot to offer to its residents. This neighborhood is dominated by small and middle-sized businesses, and in them, you can find goods from all around the world, even from places like Saudi Arabia!

    All in all, Ocean Beach is a fantastic place for anyone who wishes to experience the wonderful side of San Diego and enjoy it for a long time.

    SoMa, San Francisco

    SoMa in San Francisco is one of the most iconic neighborhoods of the city. It simply has all you need in one place. Our friends from tell us that they have moved countless people to this neighborhood, and that shouldn’t come as a surprise. This amazing place is in a central location, and a fantastic public transit makes all other SF communities easily available.

    SoMa is noted for its diversity as people from all over the world move to it. In recent times, SoMa is restructuring its zones, and many large-scale projects are on the way. What makes this neighborhood awesome for expats is its solid nightlife. Many of the most important nightclubs in San Francisco are located here, and San Francisco citizens love to visit this neighborhood regularly.

    If you go from San Francisco to Los Angeles and our next neighborhood, you can see some differences between living in SF and LA.

    Alamitos Beach, Los Angeles

    If you still want to experience wonderful ocean vibes, but this time in another city, why not move to Alamitos Beach in LA? This amazing neighborhood offers many things. It offers easy access to the beach and a relaxed atmosphere. Also, Alamitos Beach is a wonderful family neighborhood that doesn’t struggle with the shortage of real estate, unlike most of LA.

    However, you should let trained crews handle the job of relocation to this wonderful neighborhood. Moving across the globe is not a small task, and only real professionals can handle the burden.

    Palm trees near the ocean.
    Alamitos Beach is simply wonderful.

    We hope that once you come to some of these neighborhoods, you will agree with our pick of some of the best California neighborhoods for expats!