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    Any business owner’s priority is the growth and expansion of their business. Starting it in a big city like LA has its perks. You will have plenty of opportunities and access to many investors and clients. Considering the latest boom San Diego had made, with the rising growth of successful companies, moving your business from LA to San Diego is the right thing to do.

    The perks of moving your business from LA to San Diego

    San Diego has access to major capital both internationally and domestically. But make no mistake, it isn’t the cheapest of cities. The cost of living might be cheaper than in LA, but the taxes in California are generally high for the business. Still, comparing it with LA costs of maintaining an active business, it’s way less. There are a lot of benefits of moving your business from LA to San Diego. Before considering, here are few advantages San Diego can offer:

    Cheaper office space

    Moving your business from LA to San Diego will make sure you cut the unnecessary expenses and invest the remaining profit into expanding.

    Commercial warehouse with stacked boxes.
    One of the perks of moving your business from LA to San Diego – variety of storage spaces customized for your needs

    And if you need more room for your office inventory, local partners in San Diego will make sure you have everything as much storage you need.

    Higher income

    You can forget about loans and credits because San Diego is known to be a place with higher income in most of the cities. The average household income is $103k a year, which is $13k higher than a national average annual income.

    Better quality of life

    If you’ve ever been to San Diego, you’d know that it’s all about good weather and white sand beaches beyond compare. Good weather is definitely a perk for your business, especially when it comes to better productivity.

    Keeping your employers satisfied should be on the list of your priorities. The city itself is not a ”concrete jungle”. With its nearly 40,000 acres of parks, San Diego make it to 12th-best park system in the US (according to The Trust for Public Land)

    Networking opportunities

    San Diego is popular for its conferences and conventions. It gives you a lot of opportunities to promote your company

    Perfect location

    It is situated only 120 miles from LA. You will basically have the same access to investors and clients, only 2 hours away. Either way, you will have to properly organize your move. It’s very important to find the best type of assistance in order to ease your transfer when moving your business from LA to San Diego.

    Booming economy

    The economy in San Diego is growing due to many successful businesses, from molecular science companies to tech giants.

    Relocating your company office

    Many important companies have anchored their work in San Diego. If you’ve decided that moving your business from LA to San Diego is a good idea, we assure you, you’re not wrong. If you are looking for a transfer of your offices and supplies, our partners from Good Neighbors Moving Company are a great choice to consider.

    Two men shaking hands after moving your business from LA to San Diego.
    In San Diego you will have a great access to possible investors and partners

    You will get top, professional service and be sure that your transition goes smoothly. Moving a business it’s perhaps even more stressful than moving in general. Make sure to make a plan to avoid all possible problems on your transfer.

    A few last notes

    It is well known many startup companies try their luck in Silicon Valley or LA. Still, San Diego was named as the 6th fastest-growing US city for tech and software professionals. By moving your office here you will get the same opportunity for the lower initial investment. Your business might not be a startup, but still, you will be in the ”center of the happenings” with many investors looking for investment companies.