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    When it comes to moving and packing, people always think about boxes. Tons and tons of cardboard boxes that just pile up, aren’t always reliable and are not very ecological. In everything we do we should try to come up with better ways to do it. That means cheaper, more efficient, more ecological… That is why you should consider alternative packing materials. You will not only make your move easier, but you will be more responsible towards the environment. Sometimes it’s difficult to think outside of the box (pun intended!), but we promise it has its benefits.

    Experts say that is possible to pack up to entire house not using boxes once. Sounds a bit impossible, but why don’t start small and work your way up? Check out this list of alternative packing materials and let us know how it went!

    1. Let’s start with the obvious – suitcases!

    the best alternate packing materials
    The best solution is always right in front of us!

    To be fair this really isn’t something you’ve never heard before. Practically everyone uses them while they are moving. But are you using them to their full capacity? If for example, you use all of your suitcases, you will then switch to boxes. Right? Wrong! If you are moving, ask your friends and family to borrow their suitcases. Use them and return them after you are done. This will reduce the waste and environment will thank you. Suitcases aren’t as much alternative packing materials, they are more of a number one packing material.

    2. Garbage bags as the most flexible alternative packing materials

    We have previously written about how to get rid of clutter. The same tricks that you used then can be useful now as well. Using high-quality garbage bags, that don’t necessarily have to be black, is very practical. When it comes to these alternative packing materials, the biggest benefit is their flexibility. Bags don’t have a fixed shape and size, so you can adjust them accordingly. You can pack your clothes, shoes, towels… Have in mind that books, as well as kitchen utensils, are not the best choice in this case. Anything too heavy, pointy or fragile shouldn’t be packed like this.

    3. Don’t forget about your tote bags!

    Instead of gathering them around and packing them in another bag, tote bags can be great alternative packing materials. Although they can’t carry a lot of weight, you can pack a lot of things in them. Use them also to separate things that can’t be packed together and avoid using plastic bags altogether. You can’t be too invested when it comes to saving the environment. Or, your budget.

    4. Often missed alternative packing materials: bags and backpacks

    When it comes to these alternative packing materials, we usually don’t think twice about it. We just pack it all in one big box and get on with it. That is how we waste money and use way too many materials, unnecessary. With the exception of elegant purses, all bags and backpacks can be used as alternative packing materials. You can put almost anything in there and trust it won’t be damaged. If you have a sports bag, which is usually very firm, you can even pack plates, pans, and pots in there. Just make sure you have protected them, and you will not have to use boxes at all.

    5. Don’t miss out on the space inside storage furniture

    This one is a little bit tricky. Due to safety, you can’t always use storage furniture as alternative packing materials. You always need to make sure that the piece isn’t too heavy. But there are tricks that can help you. Use storage furniture for storing light things, such as sheets, towels, and pillows. That way the weight won’t be too much and you won’t have to use additional packing materials. It is really a waste of space to use a box to pack something like pillows.

    6. Have you thought about what to do with your baskets and hampers?

    the best alternative packing materials
    Don’t waste anything when it comes to packing!

    It is really incredible how many things people don’t consider when it comes to packing. Everything that has space should have that space filled. You just need to pay attention to the weight and safety. Why take everything out of the basket, just to put it in a box. What is the basket for then? Get something to bind the hamper and don’t leave it empty. The art of alternative packing materials is simply looking around and using everything in your sight.

    7. If you ran out of ideas.. Go to MakeSpace!

    Every move is different and sometimes you are not sure when will you be able to bring everything into your new home. In that case, you can contact MakeSpace. They will neatly store all of your belongings, keep good care of them and give them to you when you need them. And they will even organize it better than you! They will provide you with a photo catalog of all of your things, so you can just pick which one do you want to get now. It really takes the stress out of the moving and packing process.

    It isn’t always easy to come up with different, untraditional ways of doing things. Sometimes it takes a lot more energy and time. But in the end, you will not only save money, but you will also b doing something great to the environment. Almost anything that can be found in your home can be used as alternative packing materials. Don’t miss out on that. The fewer things you have to transport, the easier it will be. And good organization and even better planning saves up energy in ways you can’t even predict. When you learn how to do things in a better way make sure that you tell your friends. Write to us if you have any more ideas on how to use alternative packing materials. Good luck with your move!