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    When planning a long-distance move, it’s important to start planning early. It will take time to find a new home, pack up your stuff, ship it, and move into your new place. But it’s also important to plan your move out of the big-picture, for it’s the little details that matter. Like when to leave. And where. So, if you’re moving from Miami to California, we wanted to make sure that you have a plan. A timetable. A roadmap. A plan for how to move from one coast to another. Because coast-to-coast relocation can be very challenging and overwhelming. So, we made you a little gift. A timetable for moving from coast to coast in 2021. And it’s all yours to keep. Here is a timetable for moving from coast to coast in 2021.

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    We know how hard relocations can be sometimes. That’s why we did whatever we could to make it easier. This timetable is yours to keep. Use it to plan your relocation from coast to coast. Then, you can cross it off. And you can mark the progress of your journey. And when you (eventually) reach your destination, you’ll have a timetable for moving from coast to coast that you can keep forever. Yes, it’s yours to keep. You earned it.

    A notebook and a pen help organize moving from coast to coast
    Pick one notebook to keep track of your move

    A timetable for moving from coast to coast in 2021

    When planning on moving, a good organization and a good timetable are everything. It’s not just about that day. It’s a process that begins at least a month earlier. That’s why tried the best that we could to help you with making it happen. Let’s look at a timetable for moving.

    Six weeks before your move

    • Get organized – Figure out what you need to take with you, and what you can leave behind. Dedicate a notebook as your moving notebook for all your notes. It’s easier to keep track that way.
    • Search for a moving company – Look for a moving company. They will help you pack, unpack, and move all your stuff. Moving from Miami to Cali is a long drive. That’s why the best thing is to have experts by your side and save yourself some time on your search and make your moving effortless.
    • Medical records – Check with the doctor and make sure your medical records are up to date. If you don’t have them, you could be at risk of losing your health insurance. Make sure to transfer them on time, or at least to make copies to have by yourself.
    • Make packing supplies – Get packing supplies that are appropriate to the size of your move. Buy everything you need – boxes, tape, markers and bubble wrap. And make sure to buy a lot. You don’t want to stop in the middle of packing to go out to the store to buy some more supplies.

    Five weeks before

    • Make a garage sale – Get rid of all the stuff you don’t need anymore. Then, you’ll have less to move, and less to pack. And, it’s a great way to get some extra cash that you can use for your move.
    • Notify your landlord – If you’re moving, you’ll need to tell your landlord that you’re moving. Ask him about the return of the security deposit.
    A strawberry ice cream in the freezer
    Throw away expired food and defrost!

    Four weeks before

    • Pack the nonessentials – Pack the things that aren’t essential. And make sure you have enough boxes and to label them. That way you can avoid damaging your things while moving with ease.
    • Cancel utilities – Start the process of closing out utility service at your current place. Call your electricity and cable company. Call your phone company and internet provider. Make sure to cancel everything before you go.

    Three weeks before

    • Change address – Update your address with the DMV, the post office, and your phone company. You can find address cahnging forms online and fill them up.
    • Strategize food – Look what food you can move, like can food, pasta, etc. Pack it up. Make sure to throw away anything that’s opened and expired. If you have some food that you can’t move, you can look for a shelter and give it to someone in need. And when done, if you’ve got some extra time, try to defrost and clean your fridge.

    Two weeks before

    • Start packing – Get your boxes ready. If you’re moving across country, you’ll need to pack a lot. If you need any help, we suggest you to visit and save yourself some precious time.
    • Clean the house – Throw away all the trash. Clean the house. Get rid of all the clutter. And clean up every room. Aldo, if your new place needs cleaning, make sure to make an arrangement with a professional cleaners.

    One week before moving from coast to coast

    • Pack an essential and first-aid kit – Pack the essential and first-aid kit. And make sure it’s stocked with the things you’ll need during your move. And take it with you, don’t pack it in the truck.
    A woman holding a green bed sheet in the air before moving from coast to coast
    Clean up after yourself!

    On your moving day

    • Take another look if there’s something to clean – Take a look at your room again. Is there anything you forgot to pack? Is there anything you need to clean? And remember – a clean house is a happy home.
    • Work with your movers – You’ll need to coordinate with your movers. And make sure they’re ready for your move. Help your movers by identifying fragile or large items right away.

    You’re all set!

    No matter how prepared you are, moving can be an exhausting experience. But it’s not the end of the world. Especially if you get some tips and tricks on moving. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Moving is the beginning of a new chapter in your life. And the new chapter begins with you. With your move. With your life. So, take the first step. Start planning. Follow the timetable. And then, when you reach your destination, you’ll have a timetable for moving from coast to coast that you can keep forever. And that’s what’s important. Now, go make your move. And have a great adventure. Because you deserve it. You earned it.