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    You have been running your business in California for some time now. However, the time has come for you to get your company out of California. You have thought it through and know all the risks of relocating your business. Now, the question is where to relocate your California-based business company? Moving offices San Diego believes you will not go wrong by choosing Tennessee. Let’s see why you should consider moving your business from California to Tennessee. 

    Consider moving your business from California to Tennessee because there is less competition 

    The first reason to come with your company to Tennessee is to have fewer competitors in your market. If you want your business to succeed, you need to go to a market where your services or product are not represented. Since you have a company in California, it can be hard to be a unique business on the market. California has one of the most developed and diverse economies in the county, with the highest GDP. With that kind of record, it can get pretty hard to stand out as a business in California. 

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    Avoid the competitors by moving your business from California to Tennessee.

    But if you were to relocate your company to Tennessee, you would not have a problem providing a unique product to the customers. When it comes to GDP, Tennessee is not the worst. By GDP, Tennessee is in the 18th place, and there are not as many companies as in California. This means you will not have to fight for the market and could give you and your employees a more relaxing working environment. In addition, you can even increase your profits in Tennessee. Perform a commercial relocation and come to Tennessee with your business. You do not have to handle a commercial relocation yourself – pros can take care of it safely and effeciently.

    There are excellent tax benefits in Tennessee

    The second reason to come to Tennessee is to get tax benefits that will help you and your employees. Good tax benefits can increase your business profits and let your employees keep more of their salary. Let’s see the tax benefits of The Volunteer State. 

    • First, consider moving your business from California to Tennessee for the tax credit on new jobs. If you invest half a million dollars for hiring 25 workers or more, they will receive a corporate tax credit of up to 4,500$ per new employee. You need to hire 25 employees in the first three years of your new business in Tennessee. 
    • Second, for companies that use a lot of equipment. If you invest a million dollars into equipment for your company, you can get a tax break on your excise taxes. 
    • The third tax benefit will make your employees happy – there is no income tax in Tennessee. Not all income is exempt from taxation, but your employees will not pay anything on their wages. 
    • Fourth, when you and your employees get to the retirement age, your pension will not be taxed. 
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    With the tax advantages of Tennessee, you and your employees will lead more comfortable lives.

    So if you want to get all the tax benefits of Tennessee, relocate your business there and remember to save money on moving supplies

    Consider moving your business from California to Tennessee to get new employees 

    The third reason to get your company to The Volunteer State is if you need different employees. If you want your business to succeed, you need to hire responsible employees who see their work as a life-long pursuit. In that regard, California’s workforce can be hit or miss. Many people come there looking to make it on the big screen and get jobs until they get their big break. They can be uninterested in performing their job well and see it as a stepping stone to something better. 

    But Tennessee does not have a myth of a movie star carrier, and chances are the employees you hire there will be more dedicated to their job. So if you want to find hard-working employees, come to the Volunteer State with your business. But to relocate your business, you need to have reliable people helping you. Choosing to relocate your company to Tennessee will not be a mistake. They offer different moving services and can deal with any moving problem. But if there are not to your liking, plenty of other movers can get you out of California and to the Volunteer State, where you can find capable employees. 

    The cost of living is lower in the Volunteer State

    The fourth reason to come to get your business out of California and to Tennessee is to escape the high living expenses. By living in a state with low living expenses, you can increase your quality of life. Let’s compare California to Tennessee’s cost of living.  

    You will not be surprised to hear that living in California is much more expensive than living in the Volunteer State. While Tennessee is one of the most affordable states, California is one of the most costly. California is overall 60% more expensive than Tennessee. You will be paying less for your groceries, health, transportation, and utilities in Tennessee. 

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    With lower living expenses in Tennessee you and your employees can live worry free.

    But the biggest difference in cost between the two states is the housing. On average, houses in California are three times more expensive than in the Volunteer State. The median home cost in Tennessee is 231,600$, while in the Golden State is around 684,800$. If you sell your homes in California, you can buy a larger place in Tennessee and have money left. 

    Come with your company to Tennessee 

    We have given you many good reasons to consider moving your business from California to Tennessee. If you like what the state has to offer you, your employees and your business, come as soon as possible and for any more relocation questions, contact us.