Top 4 reasons to expand your company to Texas

Are you running a successful business in California? Are you looking to expand it beyond the Golden State? Then Texas is what you are looking for. Let’s see the top 4 reasons to expand your company to Texas.

Why should you expand your company to Texas

Texas economy is the tenth-largest in the world and the second-largest in the U.S.A. Even 50 of Fortune 500 companies have their business headquarters located in this state. Also, job opportunities and population are constantly growing. Texas ranks as the best state for business every year. It has a business-friendly climate and a qualified workforce. Texas offers powerful support and easy access to all markets. These qualities make Texas a perfect place for business growth. One of Texas’s great advantages is the low cost of living. This state also offers many cultural and recreational opportunities.

The business-friendly climate is one of the reasons to expand your company to Texas

Texas offers one of the best business climates in the United States regardless of the size of the business. That is one of the top reasons to expand your company to Texas. The state and local tax rank 46th in the U.S. So Texas is also very tax-friendly. There are no personal state income taxes, which makes Texas attractive for future employees. Finally, the corporate tax is low and that is a big advantage for the growth of large companies and small businesses.

Laws are practical and they help businesses to succeed. Lower energy costs mean lower working costs for businesses. Cost of living for the employees is also lower. State of Texas supports the world’s top companies and entrepreneurs alike. 

So, once you make a decision to expand your company beyond California, you will need reliable and professional help to organize your company expansion. An experienced moving crew will make sure that your items are packed safely. They must be well protected during the move. Delicate items, such as computers, electrical appliances, glass objects, etc. need to be packed in proper boxes. They also must be protected with special packing materials.

Specialized industries in Texas

Texas offers different industries that are continuously developing.

A view of Houston.
High-rise office buildings in Houston, Texas

Modern technologies are a great reason to expand your company to Texas

Texas is a leader in modern technologies. Computer and electronic equipment production is significantly present. Many cutting-edge and high technology corporations have their headquarters here. 


Texas is a leader in the production of energy. It has natural wealth, excellent transportation system, and highly-skilled workforce. Rich solar and wind resources bring a renewable energy potential. Texas is the largest producer of electric energy in the U.S. 

Aircraft and aerospace

Texas is the main location for many large aircraft and aerospace companies. It has two international airlines and two of the largest airports in the world. NASA space center is also located in Texas.

Information Technology

The top IT companies are in Texas. The computer industry and information technology have been fast-growing. There are many top-rated schools in Texas dedicated to IT development. Therefore when the time comes to relocate your company items, make sure that your inventory is in good hands. Besides responsible and trained staff, your movers must also have appropriate moving tools. Experienced state-to-state movers at Small World Moving Texas will provide all necessary equipment for the safe handling of our items.

Life Sciences

With thousands of research companies, Texas is one of the leading states in the U.S. The big Fortune 500 companies in this sector are located here. Top-class research institutions and highly skilled staff make Texas a world leader in this industry. Texas is home to the world’s largest medical centers. Some of the best medical schools are located here.  

Oil industry

Texas is a U.S. and a world leader in chemical production, oil and petrochemical industries. Companies make products that are used in everyday items, technology, transportation, etc.

How to choose right movers

Specialized employees and tools are essential when it comes to the safety and efficiency of your company inventory relocation. All necessary assistance and moving services, such as packing, unpacking, transport, storage, etc. must be quickly provided. Services such as disassembly and assembly of the office furniture and equipment, and loading and unloading of your items require well-trained and experienced movers.  

However, also make sure to get proper insurance coverage in case your belongings are lost or damaged during the move.

Men packing boxes as you will do once you realize all the reasons to expand your company to Texas
Hiring moving company is essential

How to avoid problems when moving

You will make a huge step when you expand your company to Texas. That is why experienced long-distance movers specialized in business property relocations are crucial. They will provide an easy transfer of your inventory, making sure it arrives safely to the final destination. Company relocation involves multiple steps. Therefore, the best thing to do is to hire a moving company with trained employees. Thus many possible moving problems will be avoided. They will know how to transfer your items properly. Choosing a reliable and reputable moving company is essential.

Workforce for your expanded company to Texas

Texas offers a highly qualified workforce. They are educated at world-class schools. That is one of the top reasons to expand your company to Texas. Specializations are available for all industries that are active in Texas. Many public and private universities offer top education to future experts. Texas is highly attractive to all talented and driven workers who are willing to expand their skills and knowledge.

People at an office.
Highly qualified employees make the business grow

Texas system is a top reason to expand your company

The central location of Texas allows businesses to easily import and export products. There are many interstate highways, international airports, railroads, and seaports. That is why Texas offers quick access to national and international markets. The transportation network includes air, land, and sea.

  • Air

There are several hundred airports of all sizes throughout Texas. The movement of people and goods is fast, effective, and extensive.  

  • Land

Texas has the most miles of public roads and freight trains compared to all other states. Transportation is a top priority. The Texas Government supports the transportation to a great extent. 

  • Sea

Plenty of seaports provide great conditions for international trade.  That is why Texas is a national leader in exports. 

Texas offers a low cost of living, rich cultural life, excellent schools, and recreational opportunities. As you can see, the quality of life is more than simply good. That is why it is a great place to live. So it is no wonder that many national and international companies choose Texas as the best place to do business.

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