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    So you made a decision to move to San Diego. Congratulations! Perfect climate over the year makes renting in San Diego much easier. Either you got bored from too much rain or was it very cold in your hometown, or simply starting a new career, San Diego is perfect place to start it.

    San Diego is a major city in California, United States, located on the coast of Pacific Ocean. His perfect climate attracts a large amount of tourists throughout the year, as well as newcomers who decided to move to San Diego. Such a good weather does not come without a small price, there are pros and cons of living in San Diego.

    I can tell you are probably excited for moving to such place, but you should always do couple of things before renting a place and relocating to San Diego. Here are some of our tips on renting in San Diego.

    Renting in San Diego
    San Diego’s weather is perfect whole year

    Searching for a place before renting in San Diego

    Yes, it is very important to use proper search tools so you can be sure you are not being scammed. Avoid using sites as Craigslist since they often do not provide with full and realistic review of a place you want to rent. Also it is best if you avoid moving to San Diego during March, April, May, August, September, or October. Those are the months  that rent prices spikes up either for college students coming back or because of vacation period. In fact, best thing to do would be moving during winter, and avoiding rushes in tourists and others.

    Searching for a home in San Diego
    Be sure to use proper search tool before renting in San Diego

    Difference between private owners and management companies

    Good thing about management companies, when renting in San Diego, is that often they are very responsive to your complaints and will fix any issue you have in your new home. But on the other hand, they can be very strict when it comes to who they will rent their properties. Also, most of the time they won’t be pet friendly.

    Private owners, on the other hand, can be very flexible when it comes to agreement and owning a pet. They could rent you their place for a bit lower price than management companies, either for not knowing the exact value or not wanting to waste too much time on finding an occupants.

    Utilizing your budget before renting in San Diego 

    Among other thing you should know, that are very important, this is one of the top things you must always have in mind. Financial experts say that you shouldn’t spend more than 30% of your total net income on housing costs. It goes even a bit higher if you are young and just starting your career in San Diego. Because entry level jobs are mostly low payed. There are affordable places for rent in San Diego.

    Also, have in mind purchasing renter’s insurance. Today, renter’s insurance became a necessity, because landlord’s insurance does not cover your belongings. It is a must have if you want to protect your stuff against theft, fire or in any damage.

    Save money for renting in San Diego
    Make sure to save enough money before moving to San Diego

    Get to know the area of your future home

    Very important part of renting in San Diego is learning about your neighborhood. It usually plays a great part in the decision making. Pay attention to these things before renting:

    • Make sure you know everything there is about this. How crowded is the traffic etc. It can be really painful when you can’t find your spot.
    • Learn about local laws regarding recycling and water conservation. San Diego is known for their strict rules regarding this two topics.
    • If you have a pet, he must be vaccinated and licensed.
    • Get new driver’s license and register to vote. More you wait, more time it will take to do it.
    • San Diego is the host of one of the biggest happenings, Comic Con. You have to have that in mind after you are done with renting in San Diego. Even if you are not attending it, there are over 130,000 visitors. And that will surely influence the traffic in San Diego.

    Be sure to review your lease and follow the rules of the community

    Many times it happens that people do not read the lease before signing it. Getting them in some bad positions before they even know it. Paying for something they should not have, like what utilities. Are you supposed to clean before moving out, or is there a penalty for breaking the lease. It is not too much to ask your landlord for a copy of the lease at least 24h before signing it.

    When it comes to rules of the community, make sure to get to know them. They do range from balcony restriction and a common area availability. Good reason to know them is that you can avoid paying high fines for breaking them. But mostly, you get the rules together with your lease so you will get that part covered.

    Visiting the place you want to rent in San Diego

    After you are done with all these steps, it comes just one last thing. Visiting the places and checking them out. Yes, it is time consuming and if you do not know what you are doing you can actually get yourself in a bad position.  To the untrained eye everything might look perfect and too good to be true. But most of the time it can be quite the opposite. Lot of renters gave their opinions on what you should be aware of before renting a place in San Diego. Follow these steps, they can provide you with useful information

    • Check if they are pet friendly places
    • Check all cupboards, cabinets and closets. You don’t want unwanted things when you live there.
    • Test how showers work
    • Visit the place and the area during the night. Everyone is home and you should get the idea how the area functions.
    • Be sure your stuff can actually fit in your new home.
    • Ask other tenants on their average bill costs. Landlords do tend sometimes not to tell you the precise costs.
    • Check if all the outlets are working.
    • Check phone reception
    • Try to avoid bottom or low flor units. Pluming is vertical and it tends to get plugged.

    If you followed all this tips and guides you should get the idea what to look out for when you are renting in San Diego. It is always useful to know these little tricks before searching for a new place.

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