Tips for moving the office from San Diego to New York

Moving your home is one of the most difficult experiences you’ll have in your life. Moving your office is probably the only thing that might appear to be harder than that. Given that you, as a business owner, need to organize the process, we decided to help you with a few tips. If you’re moving the office from San Diego to New York, you shall be happy to have us! After all, we did collect these suggestions from the people who moved their business offices from SD to NY, but you can use them no matter where you’re moving to or from. Follow our guide and you’ll be good for a coast-to-coast move!

How to organize the process of office relocation

A good organization is crucial for a successful office move

It’s hard to make a successful office move without a good organization

As a head of the business, you’re in charge of organizing the process of office relocation from San Diego to New York City. It doesn’t mean you’re in charge of organizing everything by yourself, but you must supervise everything, just in case. Here are some activities you must do in order to make a successful relocation:

  • Find a good and quality office moving company. They shall make the things a lot easier. We suggest you hire the NYC movers, given that they know how to do everything. Our recommendation is U. Santini Moving and Storage NY. Immediately after you find the suitable company, talk about what you should do.
  • Make a moving plan. Based on what you learned from your movers, create a plan for every move. Together with the schedule of when everything should be done.
  • Hold a meeting with your employees. Let them know that you’re moving the office from San Diego to New York. Prepare them psychologically for what’s coming. Also, prepare them for the activities they should undertake regarding the relocation.
  • Let your staff pack their personal belongings and the smaller items. Make sure that the professional movers pack all the equipment and machines needing special care. Before that, let the employees know that they should empty all the desks and all the other equipment. All the small items should be removed.

Let the professionals deal with moving the office from San Diego to New York

If you're moving the office from San Diego to New York, hire the professional movers

Hire professional movers for moving the office from San Diego to New York

There are many reasons for this. They have the know-how, the equipment, and the tools to move your office that long distance as from SD to NYC. Besides this, they have the experience and the handiness. So choosing to hire a reliable and quality office moving company from NYC is an investment that guarantees your relocation will be trouble-free.

Now, how to find the suitable commercial moving company? Well, ask some of the business owners you know, who moved their office long distance recently. They might be able to recommend you a company they had a good cooperation with. If you can’t find anyone, search for several companies and check if they own a license and whether or not they are reliable enough. Meaning to check if there are red flags for a moving scam. Also, you want the moving services to be high-quality. Should you have a need to store some of your items, search for movers owning a quality storage in New York City. And you want to have a moving insurance, in case something happens to your equipment. In the end, you’d like not to spend a fortune on your movers.

Once you find the company fitting your needs, you can plan your office move!

Office moving plan

Now that you have professional office movers to help you, you can make a plan and strategy for your office relocation. Moving your office to NYC from San Diego is something that needs a good plan. Decide who does the packing and who packs what. Do you have some equipment that needs special treatment, or you can do everything yourself? Depending on whether or not your company packs and unpacks your items you shall pay more or less for the services. Make the list of all activities to be done, and make a schedule when everything needs to be done. This helps you not forget to do something important, and keep you informed if some of your employees’ activities is late or missing.

The meeting with your employees is quite important

The meeting with your employees will help a lot

Organize the meeting with your employees

This is where you explain the reasons for moving the office from San Diego to New York. It’s important to prevent all the resistance to your office relocation, given that some part of company’s employees always have a resistance to the change. It’s essential to have a good reason or to present it as an important reason. Also, this is the place where you expose your moving plane and delegate the activities to your subordinates. Be precise when it comes what is the obligation of each of your workers. Let them know the exact dates, and make sure they understand the importance of finishing everything by the due date.

Supervise your workers, check if they’re doing everything right and on time

The packing is an important part of your office relocation from San Diego to New York City. Make a list of obligations for all of your employees and let them know the deadlines. Prepare properly for the arrival of your office moving company, especially if you decided to let your employees do the packing. Learn how you should pack all the important items you own and supervise the employees. If you own a big company, then delegate this job to someone else. 

Consult the office moving agency if there are some items or some piece of equipment they suggest not to pack by yourself. And choose to hire the moving company to do that. Those people are experienced and they know exactly what type of office furniture needs to be handled by the experts. Unless you have the people who disassembled and reassembled all the furniture you have many times, hire the moving professionals to do it. They won’t charge you much, and you’ll know that your equipment is safe and sound.


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