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    A moving timetable is a useful tool for any relocation. Why? Because it helps you stay organized throughout the entire process. Keeping in mind that, ordinarily, you want to have at least 2 months preparation before your move, a timetable is an invaluable organization tool. So, we have put together the perfect timetable for your South Dakota to California relocation.

    8 weeks prior

    The first entry in your timetable for your South Dakota to California relocation: create a budget for your move. Before you can make any plans, it’s important to know how much you can spend. At this point, you should also consider ways to save money on your move. Then, grab a notebook for all of your moving related notes. Lastly, start researching moving companies. Finding the right one can take a while, so it’s important to start as early as possible.

    Black calculator and pen on table
    Figuring out your budget should be your first move.

    7 weeks prior

    At this stage, there are two things to get done: one, stock up packing supplies. Stocking up on supplies early is a good idea, as there’s no way to know how much you will end up using. Two, gather all of your important documentation and store it in a safe place, where it won’t get lost.

    6 weeks prior

    Now is the time when you should decide on a moving company, and book them. When it comes to having your belongings moved, it is important to have the transfer done quickly and easily. There is no easier way to do this than hiring movers. But, you should make sure to book their services at this stage. After this, it might get a little tight on time.

    Man in blue shirt standing in front of truck
    Movers will help you transfer your belongings quickly and safely to your new home.

    5 weeks prior

    This stage of the process is a great time to get rid of things you won’t need. Remember, the less you have to move, the less hassle you will go through. Additionally, the less you will have to pay your movers. Consider holding a garage sale or donating the items you don’t need.

    4 weeks prior

    This marks the beginning of your busiest time in the timetable for your South Dakota to California move. It’s time to start packing and making arrangements. While packing, remember to prepare and label boxes which you will open first in your new home. Then, make travel arrangements for yourself. If you’re renting, now is the time to inform your landlord that you’ll be moving out. Finally, you should contact your utility companies about canceling their services, and finding new ones for your future home.

    3 weeks prior

    Besides continuing packing, at this stage you should officially change your address. Head over to the USPS website and fill out the change-of-address form. During this, you should be able to pick the exact date when your mail will be sent to your new address. Also, if you’re scared of moving to a big city in California, it is time to start researching life in big Californian cities.

    1-2 weeks prior

    There isn’t much left to do at this stage. Make sure you finish your packing before it’s too late, and if you’re driving to your new home yourself, get your car serviced in case it needs any work done. Or, if you have any hazardous materials on hand (paint, propane and so on) it might be time to dispose of them.

    Moving day

    On the big day, make sure to get up early. You will need to do one last sweep of the house, finish up any packing you might have left and prepare to greet your movers. It should be noted that experts from recommend packing a box essentials to keep on hand for the moving day itself, just in case anything happens. Then you’re for the move.


    Moving cross country can be an nightmare to organize and execute. But, keeping a proper timetable can help you stay organized and avoid mistakes. We hope you found this timetable for your South Dakota to California relocation helpful, and we wish you luck with your move.