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    Depending on what you’re used to in NYC, moving to San Diego my come as a shock. The coast to coast moving includes a lot of aspects, rather than just physically traveling to the other part of the country. This type of relocation may include a culture shock, and change your life in many ways. Of course, this is highly individual, but there are many common things New Yorkers experience after moving to California. To find out what surprises New Yorkers the most after moving to San Diego, and prepare for the move – continue reading.

    The main differences – what are the things that NYC residents take as a surprise after moving to San Diego

    Let’s see the biggest changes people experience after moving to San Diego from NYC.

    San Diego at night.
    What’s like living in San Diego? Are there things that New Yorkers find odd?

    The city size/population

    NYC is a true melting pot with a population of more than 8 million people. So, if you’re used to that hustle and bustle, you’ll be surprised to see that you can get an amazing city vibe with far fewer people. San Diego metro area has a population of around 3 million. This gives a more relaxed atmosphere to its residents without taking away its lively vibe – so, we understand if you want to leave New York and move across the country. The life change is sometimes necessary.

    The traffic jam

    NYC belongs to the list of the most congested cities in the USA – and it takes one of the top places. And if you lived in NYC even for the shortest period of time, you probably experienced this as well. Even though San Diego has rush hours as well, they are not as nearly bad as those in NYC. So, one of the things that surprise New Yorkers after moving to San Diego is how much time they can save by commuting much faster. This results in having more time to go for dinner or lunch, go practice some outdoor activities, etc. And most importantly – it saves you a lot of energy. All that traffic jams and too many people wear people out physically and mentally. In that case, living and doing business in a smaller city seems like a vacation.

    A dog and a couple on a beach after moving to San Diego.
    People are smiling a lot more in San Diego – is it the beach, the sun, the quality of life?

    the weather

    One of the biggest differences and surprises, when it comes to moving to San Diego from a place like NYC, is definitely the climate. New York has all the seasons – that’s true, but it also has blizzards and days of very low temperatures. In San Diego, you will easily get used to the neverending spring with a couple of hot days in the summer. So, if you’re dream has always been to have a house with a pool that you can actually use all year long – moving to San Diego is a great decision. Not only you will have ditch all the winter clothes, but you will also see how nice weather affects your mood – it’s much easier to stay positive. The people are smiling much more, and they have enough time to spend outdoors – another factor in achieving a good mood all year round.

    New York winter .
    After moving to San Diego, winters like this will just be a sweet memory.

    The cost of living

    Last, but not the least, finances are also the thing that surprises New Yorkers the most after moving to San Diego. Everything is much cheaper in Calfornia – housing, utilities, groceries, but also the less important things like clothes, going out, etc. This comes as a shock to New Yorkers who move to San Diego – paying less for a more spacious apartment is the first thing they notice.

    Moving to San Diego made easy

    Cross-country relocation is often stressful since it is similar to moving to another country. Traveling far, adapting to the new culture and people is never easy, but the moving process should be. Here’s something to remember to move much faster and stress-free.

    Start early

    Even though it may seem like ‘just’ packing, moving to San Diego from NYC is a lot of work. That’s why we suggest you start preparations as soon as you decide to move. Even the smallest step could and can help you reduce the stress as the moving day approaches. Having a moving checklist is of huge help – it serves as a timeline and a reminder of all the tasks you need to finish.

    Moving to San Diego with professional help is much easier

    Having someone experienced and skilled to help you move is very valuable and useful. That’s why you should consider hiring someone like Tik Tok Moving and Storage NYC – a reliable, professional company that can deal with any kind of move. Worried it’s going to be expensive? Well, get a moving estimate and compare it with DIY costs. But don’t forget to include the risks of moving on your own – poorly packed items can get damaged easily, and you can be hurt by carrying bulky and heavy items. With all that on the mind – is hiring a pro really more expensive?


    Even though we mentioned life is more affordable in San Diego than in NYC, you should be too relaxed when it comes to the relocation process. Plan your moving budget to avoid unnecessary costs and also cut down some expenses if necessary.

    The moving day

    If you’re planning to drive when moving to San Diego, you can really make this move a trip to remember. Make a plan of your route and see some amazing natural scenery along the way. Include some side trips as well, and enjoy every bit of this journey to San Diego. If you plan the move right, you will be relaxed and ready to have an amazing drive to your new home. Have a safe trip!