How to start a business in the US as a foreign?

Even if you do not have US citizenship, or you are not a resident, you can start a business here. Of course, you need to obtain the required documents, but it is possible, of course. Start a business in the US as a foreign and be successful in America too.

Almost all nationalities live in the USA. That is not new. So, of course, all of them can have their own business to make their dream come true. Here is a simple guide for starting your own company here. It is not simple to start a business, but it is simple to find tips online and from people that have been through that.

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You should hire a professional consultant, but, search online too

Tips to start a business in the US as a foreign

There are many questions that need to be answered before making a big step, of course. What business to start in the US? What are the best US cities for startups? How many employees does your company need? Start as soon as possible with doing research.

  • Choose a structure for your company in the USA. Most of the foreigner businessmen choose a C corporation.
  • Choose a state to start your business in. Each state in the USA is unique and different. Explore each state and the market there. It depends on the type of business. Make a good business plan with a team you trust.
  • Create a unique name for a company.
  • You must register a company if you want to start a business in the US as a foreign or a citizen. Get all the permits and certifications.
  • After the registration, file a report and pay franchise taxes every year.
  • It is necessary to obtain an employer ID number and to open a bank business account, to get a license, etc. With the IRS, obtaining the license will be free.

You have two main options. To start a business from the beginning or to expand a business in the US market and to move office equipment and company there.

Why start a business in the USA?

Foreigners often start a business here in the USA, for many reasons. No matter what your reason is, creating a business checklist could be very important.

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Many people came to the States because they have a dream

The US market has one of the most highly-rated job markets, low taxes, high standard, and there are no restrictions for foreigners with a Green Card. You, as a foreigner with a Green Card and an American citizen, have the same rules for starting a business. You don’t even need a Green Card to start an LLC. But, if you want to move to the USA, and start a business in the US as a foreign, you must obtain a Green Card and all the rest of the licenses and permits.

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