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    Every office space, no matter how big or small it is, needs to be functional so you can work well. However, sometimes a small office space is very challenging when making the most of it. That’s why we arranged a couple of tips on how to maximize small office space and create a good work atmosphere.


    When we talk about small offices, the first thing you need to do is clearing them out. If you want to relocate an office as a professional, include this step in your moving plan. Go through all of your items and see if there are some you no longer need. Be realistic and think if you really use an item or a piece of furniture. Unnecessary items occupy a lot of space both in our offices and homes, so a general decluttering is one of the most useful things you can do to maximize small office space.

    desk in a small office space
    Declutter your small office space and keep it as clean and organized as possible

    Make use of the common areas

    Usually, we forget that sometimes we can use some things apart from their primary role. That’s why you should consider adopting common areas of your office space so they could be used for something else, as well. For example, conference rooms could be used as office space when your employees need a change, or you simply need some additional workspace.

    small office space conference room
    In a small office space, common areas can be used for multiple purposes

    Paper eats up your small office space

    Office spaces are mostly filled with paper. You can update your working style, and use electronic documents. Most of them include electronics signatures, which is much easier when making and signing contracts, as well as sharing them via email. Also, you can scan and store old paper documents on a safe online storage area. This way you will empty a lot of desks, drawers, and cabinets and maximize the office space.

    Change your office furniture

    Offices often include bulky desks and chairs that eat up a lot of space. That’s why you should think about replacing all of these pieces with some smaller, more practical items. If you worry that it is an expansive venture – be sure to sell the old items online. Sell your items on Craigslist, and make some money when buying new pieces.

    Ask professionals

    No matter how much effort you put into organizing your office space, a professional can help you in a better way. If you take services of professional office designer, they will provide you with creative and practical solutions that are both modern and functional. Investments like this are very beneficial for your company and can help your employees be more productive and help your business grow.

    Decorate wisely

    Decoration can help a lot with small office space, the same way it can help with a small home. Here are some of the decoration tips you can use to make your office space appear larger:

    • light color scheme – light and neutral walls can make a room appear much bigger than it really is, so think about painting your office walls white, beige, light gray, etc.
    • lighting – a dark room looks smaller. Remove any dark curtains from the windows and let the natural light come in. If not possible, invest in some additional lighting that will brighten up space.
    • Mirrors can be very interesting decor detail that is both functional and makes a small office space look larger.