Should you add a gym to your office space?

How much do you workout? It is important to stay in shape in this busy world, for multiple reasons. Most of all, you need to stay healthy. Our day to day activities are piling up, and it often happens we don’t have enough time for ourselves. Going to a gym for today’s businessman is a challenging task. Once we are done with our shifts for the day, we are tired, and in need of rest. But, working out requires a lot of strength and a couple of hours of your time. Furthermore, if the gym is not close to your home, it gets even trickier. That is one of the first reasons you should definitely add a gym to your office space!

How close is your gym?

One of the biggest challenges for me was the distance between my place and the gym. It really doesn’t help to lose an hour just to get to the gym. It would have helped if there was a gym at my office. I could work out after work and head out straight home.

If you are trying to decide should you add a gym to your office space, the answer is yes! Your employees will appreciate it beyond words. Not only that, but it will create a good working atmosphere. Besides, even if it’s just for you, you’ll soon realize how handy it is.

Stay healthy!

If you aren’t getting enough exercises, you are risking to jeopardize your health. Especially if you are mostly sitting at your job, like the majority of people do. Having an option of exercising at work will improve your blood flow and make you more concentrated.

a girl doing push-ups on dumbbells

All successful companies have fitness challenges for their employees, why not do it yourself?

On top of that, your employees will feel refreshed and energized. If you organize fitness lessons for everyone, the mood in the office will lighten up.

It’s good advertising!

Are you looking to hire new people? Finding a quality workforce is not always easy. That’s why you should strive to create an offer they won’t be able to refuse! And no, I’m not hinting at leaving a dead horse in someone’s bed.

Simply, you should show them your company cares about its employees. And nothing spells care as a gym in the office space. I am talking from personal experience. My company is undergoing some changes, and we are getting a new office in the city. One that will have a designated space for the gym.

I was really happy when they told us we can work out at our new office. Although it won’t be for a few months more, I can’t wait for us to finally move there, and use all new benefits!

It adds to the value!

If you ever decide to sell your office space, it will hit a much better price if it has a gym included. Add a gym to your office space, and the price on the market will rise.

Even if you own an office, and you wish to rent it, adding a gym will increase the rent fee. All in all, it’s an opportunity you should not miss.

People like to work out!

My friend recently moved to Dubai using It was a pleasant and quick move, and he is really thrilled with the country. Most of their offices have a gym included, and the people are used to it.

A man in a superman shirt, working out

Help your employees to become super employees!

People love to work out. If you can give them that opportunity, you will be rewarded by their gratitude. A happy employee is like money in a bank.

Your employees will feel like home

One of the major issues with going to work is that, after some time, it becomes challenging and tedious. If you ever experienced that feeling of not wanting to go to work on a particularly difficult day, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

As we said, a gym at your office increases the work atmosphere. This will make your employees feel like they are not at work all the time. It is an amazing psychological move that leaves a positive impact on everyone.

Help your employees save money

Going to the gym costs money. Maybe not much, but sometimes even a little is more than enough for some people. When you are a hard-working person, trying to feed your family, every penny counts.

With that in mind, offer special privileges to your employees. I’m not saying to offer free work out if it costs you too much. However, you can make it more affordable than your regular gym. Still, in most cases, the office gym comes free of charge.

A place for a whole family

Another reason why it should be clever to add a gym to your office space is to help people bond. It’s an excellent opportunity for colleagues to chit-chat while working out. Furthermore, it’s also a fantastic chance for people to work out with their families.

Girls talking at the gym

Helping people bond is the first step to creating an amazing office atmosphere

For example, if your employee has kids and wants to take them to the gym, he might need a lot of time. This way, your employees can bond with their families, while saving time and money.

And the same applies to you and your family!

Add a gym to your office space!

Don’t make me repeat myself, you should most definitely add a gym to your office space:

  • it helps employees save time and money
  • it increases general health
  • the atmosphere in the office will be fantastic
  • the value of your property will jump
  • it helps people bond

If these reasons are not enough for you, I encourage you to investigate more. Internet is full of great examples of why you should add a gym to your office space!

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