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    As the years are passing by, more and more people are showing interest in the Middle East. There are many reasons to move from San Diego to Riyadh in 2022, and we are here to help you understand them. Once you learn facts about Riyadh you will have to speed up your family relocation because you will want to get there as soon as possible.

    For many people, one of the main reasons to move from San Diego to Riyadh is the salary

    Having a good salary is definitely one of the reasons to relocate. Well, if you choose Riyadh, you should know that salaries are quite high. And an even better thing is that there are no income taxes. Now, the majority of the positions they are looking for are in the medicine, IT sector, banking, engineering, and construction. And another advantage of working here is the fact that the employment contract can include medical coverage and even a car payment. Hurry up and browse options on because, chances are, you will want to relocate here.

    Woman packing for a move.
    Remember not to pack too many things.

    Another reason why you should move here is so you can live in comfort

    Living your entire life in San Diego you are used to living in normal houses and apartments. But in Riyadh, they live differently. Here you can find compounds that consist of villas and apartments. And that means that the accommodation is quite luxurious and comfortable. There are gyms, schools, shops, and restaurants in each compound, so you don’t even have the need to go to the city. Better figure out a way to save some money, because this is one of the reasons to move there.

    Low costs of living are another one of the reasons to move to Riyadh

    Normally when you hear that the salary is high you expect other costs of living to be high as well. But this is not the case with Riyadh. Electronics and all the groceries are priced reasonably. So, you can get daily goods that you need for a normal price, and still will be left with most of your salary. Gas is also very cheap, so driving a car won’t be a problem. Just try to avoid imported things since those can be costly, as well as dining at restaurants. Leave your items in safe hands with the Riyadh cargo transportation workers, while you prepare for the entire relocation process.

    Shopping will become your hobby

    In Riyadh, everyone loves to shop. It is literally one of the leisure activities. There are countless shopping malls with all kinds of stores. Prepare to do this activity every weekend at least. And when it comes to preparing your household, don’t bring too much because you will end up buying more.


    Couple enjoying in shopping as it is one of the reasons to move from San Diego to Riyadh.
    One of the reasons to move from San Diego to Riyadh is definitely the shopping sprees that you will have!

    Another one of the reasons to move there is the safety

    One of the reasons to move from San Diego to Riyadh should be safety. Especially if you have kids or you plan on having them. Luckily this place is extremely safe since the punishments for crime are disastrous. Compounds are also very safe and are equipped with 24/7 surveillance.