Prepare for a corporate move to San Diego

If you chose to move to your office to San Diego, you cannot afford to lose money or time. To prepare for a corporate move is a difficult task and the plan needs to be followed up to the smallest details. There are a lot of important steps to consider, but if you don’t want to lose sleep over it, read our helping guide. We cover all the preparation, planning and how to recruit professional help to make the transition easier.


As we said before, there are a lot of important things to consider when preparing for a corporate move. The best practice to follow is to create a checklist so you don’t lose track of the progress:

  1. Search for offices to rent
  2. Create a new layout
  3. Make a business continuity plan
  4. Decide on time and date of the relocation
  5. Keep employees informed
  6. Organize a move committee and tasks
  7. Communicate with your current vendors
  8. Hire professionals to pack and move
  9. Make a business continuity plan
  10. Stay in touch with your customers

Take your time to organize everything, it is better to be safe than sorry.


Before you start moving, you have to find a perfect place to rent an office. San Diego has a lot to offer, so be sure to do a thorough search of the market. If you have any friends in the city, ask for an advice, they may know someone. Consider the nature of your business and what will the best location be. Do you need a place in downtown which is usually more expensive, or can you settle in the suburbs? Calculate your expenses before you make a purchase, and a worthy advice is to visit the city and check the place yourself prior to any transaction.

office layout

Prepare for a corporate move – create office layout and fill empty space efficiently


Once you see how your new office will look, you can make a layout. Prepare for a corporate move in smallest details. It is difficult moving to a new space, so check where each piece of furniture will go and how can you make your space work for you. This is one of the tasks to assign to your move committee.


A Business Continuity Plan, also known as BCP, is a plan that will help you prepare for a corporate move. It ensures that your business will not suffer during your move. Have all your employees be familiar with it, it is a crucial part of relocating your business. It is mostly used in times of emergency or disaster, but it can be helpful while on the move.


Set the date for your move and try to meet all the deadlines. The smallest change can create problems so you have to be prepared for it. Once you know the date and time you can inform your employees and hire movers and packers.


Depending on the size of your business you may have a number of employees. They need to be informed at all times about what are your plans. If there are any relocation packages be sure to let them know. Some of your employees will be in the moving committee and they will have to participate actively. It is also important to consider that your employees have families and children and they might have a hard time moving. Talk to them, see what they think and if there is any way that you can help them out in the process.


This will be a smart idea to consider. Prepare for a corporate move with your employees, have them help out and assign tasks as needed. You cannot do everything on your own, engage your staff and assign roles. You have to plan relocation yourself but they can assist in the transition.

prepare for a corporate move by hiring professional packers

Professional packers will quickly move your office


Hiring professionals will cost money but will help a lot and make the entire process easy and simple. You can always pack yourself and organize transportation, but having professionals do it for you is worth the money spent. They will be quick and productive, and probably have more experience than you. Be sure to check if they have additional plans for relocating a business, as it requires special attention. You can assign some roles in overlooking the packers and movers to your moving committee. Have them report daily, you will always need to know how your relocation process is advancing.


Have in mind that you have to talk to your current vendors and inform them of your plans. This way you can check if you need to find new vendors based on your needs. Renting equipment and organizing your network infrastructure may require different steps than in your old office. It will probably be cheaper also, but if you have good vendors that help your business productivity rise, do not lose them!

Employee committee

Organize employee committee to help you move office equipment


Moving your business to San Diego means you will have new customers, but do not lose old ones in the process. To prepare for a corporate move also means to think about your customers’ needs. Depending on your business, they may have problems reaching you. No one likes to change a winning team, so if they were satisfied with the services you provided they will probably not be happy that you are changing your location. Find time to organize meetings with your customers and check if they have anything to add. It might not affect your move, but it will leave a strong impression on them. They will know that you care a great deal about your customers and they will stay loyal to you.


You might prepare for a corporate move with your employees back home, but have everything ready at your new location as well. Assign someone from the moving committee to head to the new location before the move and help in the process there. Communication is crucial and it will ensure safe relocation. With these tips and guidelines, you are guaranteed to have a safe move and continue your business without any delays!


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