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    The day of your move is finally here! Sun is shining, you are existed, everything is going per plan… Well, not quite. You are probably stressed out, anxious, there was probably a mishap or two and now you can look forward to a day of even more stress inducing events, accidents and problems. But, as we have already mentioned a few times, it does not mean it has to be like that. You can find the good in almost every situation and moving is not an exception. If you have read our previous article, you are already very well prepared and you have already overcome so many obstacles, you already know a lot about what not to forget when moving. But, the journey has just started, there is a lot more ground to cover. We want to make sure that you continue to remember things while moving, so check out the list below for some helpful tips.

     1.Assign roles

    You do have a plan, right?  If not, back to square one and our previous article. But, if you have paid attention to what we already warned you about, you will have no problems in your next steps. So, first, grab that detailed plan of yours and let’s get started. The one thing you mustn’t forget when moving is that you need to delegate! Let’s just get this out there – you can do anything, but not everything! Moving is one of the jobs where help is not just wanted but, quite frankly, necessary. But it’s not that simple, the more the merrier just isn’t going to cut it.  So, when you create your list and figure out how many people are you going to need call your friends and family and ask for help. Get girls to do the packing, and men to do the heavy lifting. And make sure everyone knows what is their responsibility and when should they show up. You do not want boys to sit idle while waiting for the rest of the gang to figure out a way not to break your grandmother’s chandelier. You should not forget when moving that with good plan and right help, any problem can be solved.

    2.Take care of pets and children

    One thing that can make moving especially stressful is having your children, as well as pets, running around, needing attention and getting in the way. If they are old enough (children, not pets!) give them something to do, but in any other case make sure they are properly taken care of. That means not only having someone take care of them, but also having everything they need. While moving, you mustn’t forget to invest time into taking care of all of this, so you wouldn’t have to look for that special pink blanket in a house full of boxes and tape. Also, if you know that your move is going to be especially exhausting and long, make sure that your children and pets are with someone they are comfortable with. When you go into the 12th hour of looking for the duct tape (it was just there, I swear), you do not want to have them in the back of your head. Make it easy on yourself, have their grandparents or a friend that is very good with kids or pets pick them up, and they will have a fun adventure instead of trying not to get hurt in the search of more bubble wrap.

    3.Gather enough supplies

    When push comes to shove, you will realize that you have way too much stuff. But even after you
    throw out what you no longer need (check out our first article!), you probably won’t calculate properly how much boxes you need. Boxes and duct tape and scissors and wrapping paper and bubble wrap and bags and suitcases… You get the picture. People often make that mistake.
    Do not forget when moving that when it comes to packing more is more and when you get everything – double the amount. That way, even if you have horribly miscalculated you won’t have to worry. If there is any extra left, you can always put it to good use by donating, or giving to a friend. Bubble wrap you can save – the kids are going to love them. In fact, keep the boxes too, fortress in the living room is always a great idea. Even when you are an adult.

    4.Label everything

    This is a simple advice on what not to forget when moving, but it’s a life saver. Figure out your system for labeling and explain it to whoever is helping you move. You don’t know how long is going to take for you to unpack everything so in case that you really need something, it would come in handy not to have to look through every box. We would also suggest to have an explanation that is slightly more detailed. For example, if you are looking for a specific pair of boots going through twenty boxes labeled shoes isn’t going to do the trick. You do not have to specify every item in there but just use labels that are slightly more descriptive, such as – winter shoes, coats, toiletries from under the sink etc. If you are a guy it wouldn’t hurt to have a girl over (mother, sister, girlfriend) who can help you fit things using as little space as possible. Moms are especially good at that. Girls, that couch isn’t going to lift itself, you must ask for help. Whoever you call to assist you in this endeavor, make sure to take them out afterwards, thank them for their help and buy them a treat. And, of course, to return the favor when it’s their time. Also, make sure to share with them what not to forget when moving.

    Well, we have certainly cover the bases, but there is still a thing or two we can teach you. Stay tuned for part III and more helpful things you shouldn’t forget when moving.