Moving to Ontario from San Diego

Every relocation is a challenge, and moving long distance is a whole new level. You will need to organize everything, pack your belongings, choose a new home and take care of all the paperwork. Moving to Ontario from San Diego will be a huge change in every way. But maybe that is exactly what you need. You will be way out of your comfort zone, but that is where the magic happens. So let’s give it some thought, shall we?

First, make a plan

When you are moving to Ontario from San Diego, you will need help organizing it well. The best option is to search for professionals that specialize in long-distance relocations. Beside the packing and the moving process itself, there are many regulations you need to be aware of. Spare yourself the trouble and leave this type of things to the experts.

Ideally, you should find a moving company from San Diego that has experience with relocations to Canada, such as Number 1 Movers Hamilton Ontario. By hiring the movers that have done this type of move many times before, you will be able to relax and rely on them.

Two boats in snow

Winter is very cold out there, so better go shopping

Pack your winter clothes, if you have it

One of the trickiest things when moving to Ontario from San Diego is the weather. Being used to warm and sunny weather of San Diego, you will probably experience a shock when you arrive in Canada. Summers in Toronto can be quite hot with a lot of humidity, so if you are moving during the summer, the transition will be easier for you.

In Ontario, winters are cold. And I mean really, really cold. Temperatures are below-zero, with a lot of snow. And you probably don’t even own winter clothes. So when you are calculating the cost of your move to Ontario, don’t forget the shopping!

However, moving to Ontario means you will learn to love both sides if you don’t already. There are many benefits to this type of climate. The views are breathtaking when it snows, there are many activities to enjoy, such as ice skating and hockey. And when the summer comes, you can go to the beach and feel like home! Ontario beaches are scenic, cozy, and clean. They will make your quick weekend or an after-work getaway a real bliss when it gets red hot.

World class cities

In Canada, cities are world class and urban life is the bee’s knees. Ontario area is ranking of the world’s most liveable places. The most popular city for newcomers in Ontario is Toronto. And that is no surprise since it has amazing healthcare, education, environment, infrastructure, and stability. You are relocating for a new job? Your carrier will blossom. Maybe you want to raise a family? You will find everything you need for it in Ontario. Or you just want to have fun? You will never get bored here.

Toronto skyline

Cities in Ontario are world class, with an amazing economy, health care, and education system

Diverse and multicultural

As you can imagine, people just love moving to Canada, and Canada just loves having them over. Amazingly, more than 20% of Canadians were born in another country, and this number will rise more and more in the future. Although that is a huge rate of immigration, there is more than enough space for everyone! And this diversity makes Ontario so unique and warm. When moving to Ontario from San Diego, you will meet nearly 200 nationalities across the country. Canada is a lovely rainbow of people, and you will be part of it too.

There are two official languages

Interestingly, Canada has two official languages- English and French. They have equal status over there. But don’t let this intimidate you. think of it as a chance to learn a new language! Besides, everyone wants to learn French, right? Also, you don’t really notice the Frenchness of the country unless you go to the eastern province of Quebec, so you are good.

Social life

Being ”the city of neighborhoods”, Toronto has 250 of them. And every one of them has the homey, cozy atmosphere that will make you feel like home. Since the majority of people are immigrants, they are very hospitable and friendly towards newcomers. You will have no trouble adjusting and helping your kids settle after the move. It’s enough to just go out of your house, and you will instantly meet new people!

Commuting is easy

This may come as shock to you when moving to Ontario from San Diego, but public transportation is a thing here. Ontario boasts great public transport that operates seven days a week twenty-four hours a day! This means that you can easily commute without a car, even at night.

Canadians love sports and culture

Canadians are big on sports, so if you are too, you will enjoy here. Besides hockey, there are plenty of other sports to follow and start practicing, if you want to. And if you are more into cultural events, you will certainly enjoy numerous galleries and museums. And, being polite as they are, they even have The Hockey Hall of Fame – the best of both worlds.

River and woods

Nature and views are scenery

The landscapes are just stunning

Although the cities are great, the spaces between the cities are even better. If you want to get away from city noise, there are plenty of opportunities there. From the amazing coastline of Pacific Rim, the iconic Meadows in the Sky, and the granite mountains of Gros Morne, you will have many choices for your weekend getaways and holidays.

Moving to Ontario from San Diego

As you can see, there is nothing Ontario can’t offer you. And although you will maybe miss sunny days in San Diego, give it a chance. Chances are that it won’t disappoint you. We wish you stress-free moving to Ontario from San Diego. Enjoy all the new experiences, to the fullest!

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