Moving to Dubai 101

Whether it is due to job opportunities or a need for an adventure and the change of scenery more and more people nowadays decide to move abroad. Moving to Dubai or any other city that has a different and rich culture will allow you to explore the World, meet new friends and get to know a foreign culture by being a part of it.

Dubai skyline

Dubai is a great moving destination

Get to know Dubai

With more than 8 million expats the United Arabian Emirates represent a cultural melting pot with residents from different countries all over the World. Being the biggest city, Dubai is a popular moving destination for young professionals who are seeking to take the next big step in their careers.

Moving to a foreign country has its pros and cons. Even though moving abroad will let you explore the World and become a part of a different culture, you need to evaluate whether you are ready for such a big step. The best way to do so is to get to know your future hometown well in advance and asses whether you have chosen the right moving destination.

Here are a few important facts to know about Dubai

  • Dubai has a population of 3.03 million people. Which of whom 85% are estimated to be expats from all around the World.
  • UAE has a strong economy and a steady job market which is the most common reason for people deciding on moving to Dubai.
  • There is no income tax in Dubai.
  • Expats need to follow strict rules. Even though foreigners are welcomed in Dubai, they are expected to respect the local culture, customs, and laws. Therefore, sleepovers or public displays of affection with your other half are prohibited.
  • It is always sunny in Dubai! With temperatures rarely dropping below 70 degrees (20°C), you won’t ever have to worry about weather changes after moving to Dubai.
  • Weekends start on Friday. Getting used to Sunday being the first day of a work week comes confusing for many expats in UAE.
  • Dubai is a safe place to move to. With strict laws and rules Dubai’s crime rate is extremely low. Therefore the city is a safe and clean environment to live in.
  • You will need a liquor license. For purchasing alcohol or storing it in your home, as an expat you will need to apply for a liquor license.
  • Rent is expensive. However, high costs are matched with high salaries.
  • The median age of Dubai residents’ is 27. Therefore, the city is a great place for young people in their 20s and 30.

Moving to Dubai for a job

When searching for job opportunities abroad Dubai should definitely be one of the top destinations to consider. As many international companies have their offices in UAE there is a variety of jobs you can choose from. When relocating for a job in Dubai, you will find many open positions in various industries. From sales representatives, marketing CEOs to various open positions in tourism and hospitality.

In the past few decades, Dubai has become a popular vacation destination for rich people from all over the World. Therefore the city features top-rated restaurants, hotels, and shops. Many Dubai residents, more than 40000 to be more accurate, work as flight attendants while the others work as customer services staff in other industries.

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Moving to Dubai can help you find your dream job

As Dubai is all about luxury and leisure, it is easy to find a job in an industry that accommodates the needs of the city’s permanent residents and visitors. Therefore, many people prior to moving to Dubai decide to search for a job as Dubai Personal Trainers or apply for an open position in a high-class restaurant. High-class clients equal to highly paid jobs as well as the high-class services. Therefore, not only that living in Dubai will allow you to earn and save more money, but also to take the next big step in your career and work on your professional growth.

How to plan a relocation to Dubai

Moving your home is never easy. International relocations make the process even more stressful and time-consuming. In order to avoid any mistakes and move with ease, you need to follow a few important steps.

Research visa requirements in advance

passport and plane ticket for moving to dubai

Research the visa requirements in advance

As an expat, you will need a working visa. However, many people decide to visit Dubai as tourists first and apply for jobs directly. Residents of certain countries, mostly the ones in EU, don’t require a visa for a visit that is no longer than 90 days. However, residents of many other nationalities need to apply for a 30-days tourist visa just to enter the Emirates. Make sure you avoid any mistakes by researching and gathering the necessary paperwork in advance.

Find a reliable mover

Your relocation can be a breeze with the help of a professional and reliable international mover. Therefore, when moving overseas make sure you hire a relocation company that can meet all of your requirements and budget.

Make a packing and moving plan

Stay organized by making a detailed packing and moving checklist. Make sure you have a plan for all of the items you want to relocate. Ask your mover to help you with packing and search for a secured storage unit if you need to leave some belongings behind.

Don’t forget to make a pre-move to-do list. Canceling your utility bills is definitely one of the things you shouldn’t forget when moving to a foreign country. List all the other tasks and double check the list at least a week before the moving day.

Also, don’t forget to notify everyone about your move to Dubai. Make sure you give your friends and family a chance to say goodbye by throwing a farewell party. Make it into a packing party and you will be able to have fun and save money at the same time!

After the move

After months of planning and numerous moving tasks, you will find yourself in an unknown city. So what’s next? Here comes the fun part! Give yourself time to relax and unwind. Get to know Dubai and explore your neighborhood. Decorate your new apartment and plan some fun activities. All of this will help you adapt to such a huge change.

Dubai marina

Find time to explore the city and relax

Make some new friends by inviting your colleagues for coffee or joining a local gym. Including some of your usual habits into your daily routine will help you get used to the new city and environment. Joining a gym or going for regular walks will help you reduce the stress and stay healthy while having fun. Make sure you research the area in advance as well as to research online for the services you might need. Therefore, if you are looking for a fitness trainer in Dubai ask your colleagues for recommendations and search for online reviews. This way you will be able to save much valuable time and enjoy your life as an expat after moving to Dubai.

Keep in mind that it will take you some time to adapt after moving to Dubai. Therefore, relax and embrace the changes. You might feel a bit homesick after the move. However, with some new friends and an exciting new job, you will easily be able to create a new daily schedule. All of which will allow you to improve your career, have fun and become a part of the local culture.

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