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    Leaving California for Washington after you`ve been living your whole life in The Golden State be such a hustle. After all, you`re moving to a bit over 2,000 miles away. Take a deep breath and don`t panic, it`s not like it hasn`t been done before. It just implies a significant change in your lifestyle. People relocate from California to the East Coast all the time. So you might want to read more about some other helpful interstate moving advice, besides these. This will for sure give you an extra boost of confidence. You`ve been longing for a change for too much, so don`t put it back into the vault.

    Where to?

    We`ve made a top 5 largest cities in WA list which you are free to use as a guide. This might help in making up your mind concerning leaving California for Washington and your new destination.

    1. Seattle

    Of course, our main point on the list would be the largest city in whole DC. Emerald City has also made it the top 20 largest cities in the US. So it`s definitely the place to be if you`re into rapid growth. The nickname actually comes from its famous evergreen forests. This makes Seattle one of the most environmental-friendly places in the New World. Its inhabitants are totally aware of the precious gem they are living on, so behave accordingly.

    Seattle is a destination for people leaving California for Washington.
    Seattle is ranked 18th in the ‘Top 20 largest cities in the US’ list.

    This is also why many activists there are trying to preserve its resources as much as humanly possible. It is well-known for its incredibly diverse nightlife spots, which will not allow monotony to get ahold of your life. Also having those gorgeous beaches in close proximity will make it so much easier to chill after a harsh day.

    2. Renton

    It is known for being one of the assembly points for the 737 families, and Boeing didn`t choose its base randomly in here. Renton has “machinery, manufacturing and technology” written all over the place. Its historical background in engineering and applied sciences are just the tip of the iceberg in this cozy medium-density city.

    So if you`re professional aspirations also include significantly improving your scientific knowledge on a daily basis, find help in the neighborhood and move there without even thinking twice.

    machinery and building site in Renton
    Renton has “machinery, manufacturing and technology” written all over the place.

    3. Spokane

    Further on, in case that you were leaving California for Washington with a heavy heart, thinking you`d miss all the good food, reconsider that thought. If you haven`t had a prime rib in a while, saving yourself for the ones in Lilac City was a great idea. People are also crazy about seafood in there.

    Although a tiny bit smaller than our abovementioned number one, there is nothing you could do in Seattle that you couldn`t be doing here. Also, you might want to review some of the facts which have put Spokane on the map in the past. They are proudly presenting the city as “the home of Bing Crosby”, which doesn`t need any further ado.

    4. Everett

    If you`re looking to live on a budget with great scenery, Everett is definitely your next home. Note that specialized teams are great assistance not only for moving your belongings, but also recommending the best neighborhoods for you to consider moving to.

    5. Tacoma

    Located between Portland and Seattle, if you are a sophisticated art-lover, you`re going to fall in love over and over again with the architecture here. It`s a city rich in culture which won`t cease to amaze you at any step you make.

    Tacoma is well-known for its wonderful architecural elements.
    Tacoma is well-known for its wonderful architecural elements.

    Still here?

    Yet still not convinced? If you’re moving in with a partner, we believe it will make leaving California for Washington so much easier, once you get even deeper into the sea of green possibilities that await there.