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    So, the most difficult part of moving is over with. You’ve made your moving inventory,¬†you’ve packed it up and unloaded it at your brand new place. You can sit down in relief. But, what’s next on your to-do list? How can you truly find a fresh start? Well, consider decorating your apartment after moving! Renovation doesn’t have to break your bank – just follow our guide! You’ll have to unpack your things anyway, so the apartment will already be fairly messy. The best time to redecorate is after moving, to truly solidify the changes as a breath of fresh air. It’s time for a new chapter in your life, why not reorganize your living space?

    A paint roller painting a white wall in a dark color. Consider bold colors when decorating your apartment!
    Don’t underestimate a fresh coat of paint as a powerful tool when decorating your apartment.

    Focus on some key pieces when decorating your apartment

    You should have taken the chance to declutter before your move. That way, you’d bring only items you care about and items that actually fit! Many people will be on the lookout for new furniture after moving because moving the previous ones would be too much hassle or they wouldn’t fit. Are you one of them? If that’s the case, take your time when looking for new furniture. Don’t settle on a firmly “meh” piece just¬†because it’s convenient!

    A vintage looking sofa with carved handles. Perfect for decorating your apartment with!
    Vintage pieces add some class when decorating your apartment. Hit up antique shops!


    A common way to decorate is to find a statement piece and build the style of the room around it. If you decided against moving some of your furniture, that’s a perfect opportunity for you. Even second-hand furniture might be good and affordable. Generally, you should try not to over-clutter your living space. Don’t buy things just to fill space. Don’t buy knickknacks just to fill empty shelves. That narrows down space visually. When done right, it could be cozy, but it’s easy to do it wrong, and the result is suffocating. This is especially important if you have a small apartment! There’s a reason minimalism is popular in moving to New York!

    Function over form

    You have to consider the practical value of what you’re buying. If you found a perfect little dining room table, but it’s too small for the entire family, that will lead to years of cramped eating. Decorating your apartment is only fun if it helps your quality of life, after all! Pretty but useful items are key. Start with things you just can’t do without, and focus on accent pieces later. You have to be reasonable. Consider cleaning problems – if you’re the one dusting the apartment all the time, you might get tired of that abstract art light fixture sooner than you’d think!

    Decorating your apartment by picking a new paint color

    Picking the right color palette is much easier than picking a neighborhood in San Diego. And if you pulled that one off, you will finish all your next tasks with ease. After all, if you paint your walls while everything is packed up, there’s less cleanup involved. Look at your walls, and think about changing the color. Remember: light colors make the space bigger, dark colors make space smaller. Does their current color match the mood for the room? Sure, white is a classic color that goes well with everything. But, think about other light pastel colors, if dark colors are not your style. Think about lavender, or apricot, or mint green. Even a gentle mauve would make a bigger impact than plain white. Would they suit the room more? Would they cheer up the room? Make sure to consult everyone in the family before settling on the color. Maybe your significant other just happens to hate the color you love! Compromise is very important when it comes to cohabitation.

    Deciding on a color scheme for the whole room will help when decorating your apartment

    This is especially important if you and your partner have vastly different styles. If you like Victorian vintage pieces and your significant other likes 50s Americana, compromise seems next to impossible. But don’t lose hope! Simply pick some complimenting colors, and slowly gather details as the perfect piece comes up. Feel free to browse Pinterest for inspiration on how to really make your rooms pop! If you match the color to the walls, the room will be totally coherent.

    This room has a black and white color scheme. Black chair and sofa, white and grey pillows, off-white carpet. It fits together more coherently than it otherwise would - excellent to emulate when decorating your apartment.
    Black and white is an increasingly popular choice for decorating your apartment with.

    Consult your lease if you’re renting before making any drastic changes when decorating your apartment

    The apartment deposit is there for a reason. It’s possible your landlord has a stipulation that you can’t paint the walls what you want or anything at all. You have to check beforehand, or risk losing your deposit! You should be familiar with the tenant laws in your city anyway, but especially so you can get your deposit back! Some landlords are okay with painting, but require you bring everything back to normal when you’re leaving. If that’s what your apartment lease is like, stick to light shades you can paint over in a single coat instead of dark colors that need several paint jobs.

    How important are details when decorating your apartment?

    Details are surprisingly important when decorating your apartment! Decorating should be a labor of love, not something you force yourself to do. If you decide that your place doesn’t need a complete overhaul, that is completely okay. Even a few small details will do wonders. Above everything, your apartment should make you happy. You should be glad to come home and should find details that give you joy.

    • Mirrors will make your space bigger! That’s a neat visual trick all professional interior designers use.
    • Antique stores offer a lot of affordable surprises!
    • Make a gallery wall. It’s a living decoration because you can add onto it as time goes by and you get more ideas!
    • String lights aren’t just for college dorms! Their cozy, diffused light is very soothing and definitely adds a dash of the whimsical.
    • A bed-frame elevates your bedroom.
    • Do you travel a lot? Consider dusting off your travel trophies and placing them in a prominent place. They’ll be a conversation starter too!
    • When decorating your apartment, consider placing strategic rugs. They’ll protect your hardwood floors, and be a splash of color!