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    You are sitting on large capital and you would like to invest it and make a hefty profit. Consequently, you will have to make a choice and decide on what will you invest in. Don’t think any further, if the commercial real estate has crossed your mind. Before leaping into this great adventure, you must know commercial real estate trends. In this case, you want to be certain that the region you choose is predicted to have a commercial real estate boom. Otherwise, there is a great chance you will experience a massive financial hit.

    Choosing the best city

    Large cities always seem like a great target for this type of investment. However, sometimes it can be an even greater challenge to predict the commercial real estate trends in them. There are many interesting and large cities to consider, but Windy City can be attractive from many perspectives. You might hear from numerous people that they are planning to move to Chicago. This may make you wonder are residential and commercial real estate trends always in sync. Thus, to make a good decision, pump the breaks and get informed. You don’t want the Windy city to blow away all your money.

    Choosing the best company in the business

    Choosing the best company in the business is essential for a safe move and a quick relocation. Before you decide which commercial real estate branch best suits you, make sure you know as much as possible about them.

    Buildings in Chicago
    Downtown Chicago has an interesting dynamic in commercial real estate trends.

    Commercial real estate trends for apartments

    For some reason, real estate developers are drawn to investing in apartments in Chicago. This commercial real estate trend is alive and kicking. Since so many apartments were built, many are astonished that there is still a demand for them. At the moment, there is a big boom in the downtown job market. Consequently, there was a higher need for housing and apartments. Even though, the current situation is far from bad, the forecast for the next few years is not that good. It is very unlikely, that this trend will keep up. In the event that the number of apartments keeps rising, there is a big chance that the vacancy percentage will skyrocket.

    Commercial real estate trends for offices

    Not that long ago, the job market took a major hit. Many were out of jobs and companies were cutting their employee count by a lot. Consequently, people need less office space. Luckily, things started to look up over the years. The more stable the economy was, the more people were employed. Under the circumstances, more space was needed. Vacancy ratings are low, especially in the downtown Chicago region. But be careful, this situation can easily change. Many office buildings are to be finished and opened for business, during this year and next year. This should tickle your business sense and make you wonder, are office spaces the way to go.

    Modern white office space
    Office space to die for. Perfection!

    Also, how attractive is Chicago for other business people? Would some companies make an interstate office move and relocate to Chicago? Is it worth it? Moving an entire office cannot be easy. You would need a lot of assistance when moving large furniture pieces and everything else that an office space needs. I am not saying that you should or shouldn’t make the move. Just that you should take all the mentioned details into consideration. Think about which city may be the most suitable for young professionals. Answers to these types of questions will guide you to the right decision.

    Commercial real estate trends for hotels

    Chicago hotel business is most certainly booming. Hence, there are more hotels developing and more rooms will soon be available. Consequently, this fact can be good and bad at the same time. Full hotel rooms imply there are many tourists that are occupying those rooms. Generally speaking, more tourism means more money for Chicago’s economy. But, those this mean the same thing for hotel owners? If the number of rooms continues to grow, there is a big possibility that the price of rooms will decrease. Some will lower their prices to stay competitive. On the other hand, newcomers will lower their prices to attract guests. Anyhow, this may water down the prices. Hence, less money in the hotel’s register. Following commercial real estate trends can be very tricky. A negative trend might be bad for some, but of use to others.

    Coffee mugs in hotel room
    No hotel room is complete without a good pot of coffee.

    Commercial real estate trends for industrial spaces

    So far, we were mostly focusing on commercial real estate trends that are connected to downtown Chicago. It is time to start moving a bit further away from the center of the city.  For the most part, we would be talking about the suburbs. However, any other region can come into play if it can fit larger buildings. Currently, industrial spaces have the lowest vacancy rate in Chicago, out of all other commercial real estate groups. Thus, take this into consideration. Industrial spaces might be the way to go.

    Commercial real estate trends for retail spaces

    There is not much positive to say when it comes to retail spaces in Chicago. Many major chain stores have packed up their shops and left. There were others that took their place, but it is not nearly enough to make up for the loss. Maybe it is only online shopping and/or some other negative factor, but the retail business is going down the drain in Chicago. Make sure you don’t go down with it. This is a commercial real estate trend that you do not want to be a part of.

    In any event, we went through all commercial real estate types. Based on the type, commercial real estate trends have different results. We are not saying that you should or shouldn’t invest in Chicago. Depending on many circumstances, you may or may not come up with a tactic on how you can make money by investing in Chicago’s commercial real estate. However, one thing is for sure, be certain that you are familiar with the commercial real estate trends. Once you have all the necessary information, use it to your advantage. This way, you will be one step closer to a hefty profit.  Anyhow, happy investment hunting, and good luck!