Best cities for young professionals

Being young in any time period had to have been hard, no doubt. Being young today is definitely hard. The world has gone crazy in all sorts of ways. The generation whose members are now finishing faculty or have finished it in the last couple of years are considered young professionals. As such they are in a unique situation to spearhead the way into the 21st century’s world. However, the economy is so complicated right now, that it is very hard to be sure of anything. Young people today struggle a lot more to find a decent job than their parents did a few decades ago. Saving enough money for buying a home is out of the question, for example. That is why it is very important to move to cities that are the best cities for young professionals.

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Making new contacts is important for young professionals

Before we start, we would just like to remind you that, if you do decide to move to another city, bear in mind that moving is a tricky business. It takes a lot of time to be done properly, and there are many things that can go wrong. You can choose a bad moving company, or you can wrap some things in a wrong way and they will get broken etc. Things like making an inventory and finding where you can find affordable packing supplies can prove crucial. Once you decide where you want to live, you will have to think through your moves carefully. So, without further ado, here is our list of these cities.

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Teamwork is the key in any business

Pittsburgh is the first among the best cities for young professionals

Pittsburgh, a city in the state of Pennsylvania, is the 63rd largest city in the U.S. It is often overlooked as one of the best cities for living in the States, and definitely unrightfully so. The area of the city has about 2.3 million people in it. These are nice numbers, but this is where things get interesting. Almost full 21% of people here are young people of the ages 25 to 34. This should come as no surprise, however. The quality of life is really high here. The reason why this is one of the best cities for young professionals is the relationship between rent and earnings. Average rental costs 874$, which is about 23% if monthly earnings for an average full-time worker. There are many cultural events here across the year too. All things considered, this is a good city for starting your life as a young professional.


One of the two “Twin Cities”, Minneapolis is a major city in Minnesota. It represents one-half of the “siblings”, with the other one being the state’s capital, St. Paul. This city is one of the best cities for young professionals looking for a better life. There are many cultural landmarks here, like the Walker Art Center, which is a contemporary museum, and its neighbor, Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. Minneapolis is also known as a place of parks and lakes, as it has these almost in an abundance. Working conditions here, especially for young people are pretty good. An average worker here earns for about 60-70% more than in the other cities. People here can find a lot of opportunities if they look carefully enough, especially talented, young people with college degrees.


You know that famous magical circle of “You want a job, you need experience for it first TO get experience, you need to first get a job”? Well, in Omaha, things don’t work that way. In this city, which is one of the best cities for young people in the U.S, there are many opportunities for young people to gather the required experience. It is not just that here there are many job options, though. The rent here is lower than in most of the States. On an average, it costs about 23% of an average worker’s full-time monthly income. That is why here, young people are often saving money for future investments. They have the means and the time to think through their ideas. It is also a common thing here to hire a financial advisor, which is great for young people starting up their lives.


When first people think about Alaska, they think of deadly winters and walls of snow, taller than houses. Anchorage is here to change that picture. For years now, Anchorage has been on these lists, and it is no wonder why. First of all, the job market in this coastal city is amazing. It is so diverse, ranking among the best cities for young professionals without any doubt. In fact, according to some research work done on this topic, Anchorage is 28th in that metric. Another important fact is that the employment rate is extremely low. Its rent is a bit more expensive than we thought so, but not by much. It takes about 28% of a man’s monthly income.

Best cities for young professionals are tough to choose

It is important for young professionals to go to the cities best suited for them

Sunny Isles Beach

If you are looking for a beautiful, interesting place to start your career, Sunny Isles Beach might be the right place for you. This is a city with great geographical potential. Located in the northeastern part of Miami-Dade County, in Florida, this city is bounded by the Atlantic Ocean on the east and Intracoastal Waterway on the west. Classified as a resort, this place is of major interest for several investors and developers like Michael Dezer. Sunny Isles Beach’s future looks full of major development and advancement. With many hotels and condominiums in construction, it is bound to have a lot of opportunities for young people, and so it would be a shame to miss it.


So, if you do decide to move to Florida, we recommend the best movers in Florida, since they are a company, that has years of experience behind them. They can help you move, pack, unpack, etc, but also they can also give you some important advice about settling in your new home.

So, this is it; these are the top 5 best cities for young professionals. There are, of course, many other nice cities but these are the five that came up most prominently during our research. Hopefully, we helped you to at least narrow down your picks with this list. Good luck in choosing your new home city!

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