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    Do you want to move your business from California to Florida? If you are considering making this big step, choosing the right location is one of the most important things to do when owning a business. Where are the top cities in Florida for Californian businesses? Florida has plenty of cities to offer that are great for startups because of the benefits, location, economy, and educated people. Being a business owner is a big responsibility and you have a lot of things on your mind. Thinking about expanding or moving a business to another state can be very stressful and most owners think only about the risks.

    Why businesses are moving from CA to FL?

    What are the reasons for expanding your business to Florida and why business owners are considering this option?

    To expand a business think wider, outside California

    What can Florida offer that California cannot? Or if you want to live in FL, but you are running a business, will you be able to move your business to Florida?

    • Taxes are business-friendly – the tax structure is better in Florida than it is in California, and it is one of the main reasons for searching cities in Florida for Californian businesses and moving a business there. First of all, this state has no state personal, inheritance, or intangibles tax, which is a big advantage for individuals and companies as well.
    • Florida states as well and governments have open arms for businesses – besides taxes, Florida has to offer great programs and benefits for startups.
    • The costs of living are affordable – rent, transportation, utilities, and overall costs of living are more affordable in Florida. California, on the other hand, is known for its high costs of living, especially in big cities such as Los Angeles, San Diego, or San Francisco. If you are moving a house to Florida too, the costs of living here will be more affordable.
    • Florida is investing in infrastructure – the economy in FL is not bad and Florida state is investing a lot of money in infrastructure, especially in the last few decades.
    • Highly rated schools – hiring educated and skilled people in Florida should not be a problem because the education system here is great. There are plenty of people with a college degree. And people with rich experience.
    • Good quality of life – the balance between work and private life is better and people and quality of life are great. Many different factors affect that. Affordability, amazing weather, beaches, entertainment options, and a strong economy.

    The list of best cities in Florida for Californian businesses

    Before moving from San Diego to Florida you need to explore all the options when it comes to the location. Business-friendly cities are not hard to find in Florida, but you may need a guide to know where to start and which cities to consider. Remember that the location is very important for businesses.

    Florida map showing cities in Florida for Californian businesses
    Know all the good cities in Florida for starting your business

    St. Petersburg

    This city has around 5.5k small businesses which is a big number. It is a good sign. Also, the business survival rate is high. The first 2 years are crucial for most businesses and here, you have great chances that you will succeed. Also, this city has developed a marine science division and St. Petersburg is a major financial center in Florida state.

    Fort Lauderdale

    The boating industry, tourism, and manufacturing are booming in Fort Lauderdale. The job market here is strong and is still growing and getting stronger every year. People from all around the world are coming here on a vacation which has a large impact on the economy. To move a business here or your household, pros from the area can help pack and move with ease.


    Tampa and St. Petersburg are near each other (30 minutes driving) and both cities are great for businesses. The unemployment rate in Tampa is low and the job market is very strong which is important for new business owners, particularly in this city. Tampa is a trendy destination and mostly millennials are starting a business here.


    One of the best cities in Florida for Californian businesses is a famous Miami. Probably one of the most popular cities in the USA. Life in Miami is fun, entertainment options are endless, there are a lot of big and small companies and the beaches are beautiful.


    Jacksonville is known for its waterfronts. 1,100 miles of shoreline and around 22 miles of beaches. This is why the seaport here is one of the most important spots in the USA.

    How to move a business to Florida?

    Now when you have decided which city to choose for your business, it is time to organize a relocation there. Most business owners don’t want to lose productivity when moving, and this is why hiring a professional moving company from Florida can make the process easier and faster. Leave this task to experienced movers.

    Office in Florida.
    Move your office supplies quickly

    But first, you need to find a reliable and reputable mover. The list of all licensed movers can be found on and that will save you time. A full-service moving company will pack and transport all your office supplies, equipment, and goods safely. Work with a team of people you can trust. Verify the company’s information and start preparing on time.

    In conclusion

    After making your business plan, taking into consideration all the risks, and exploring the best cities in Florida for Californian businesses, take your first steps in this process. Ask for help if you are starting a business in Florida. Hire professionals and research. And if you want to move a family to FL as well, that may be a great option. Florida is also a great place for raising kids because the weather is nice, schools are highly-rated, and it is more affordable than California. Not to mention that a lot of retirees want to live in Florida. This way, you can live in Florida after retirement as well. Simple, this state has something for everyone.