How to adjust as an expat in San Diego

Are you a fresh expat in San Diego? Are you eager to adjust to your new home and to enjoy the maximum of your life in San Diego? Great, this article will show you the essentials of what you need to know in order to adjust to San Diego quickly and smoothly.

First of all, San Diego is a city in Southern California. This means great weather! Mild temperatures throughout the year (although, beware of the humidity in winter), beautiful view of the ocean, and gorgeous long San Diego streets. These are somewhat too good to handle! Believe it or not, if you are accustomed to a more harsh climate, and if you like snowy Christmases, your first year as an expat in San Diego will be noticeably different.

A view of the beach in San Diego

The closeness of the beaches and mountains make San Diego an awesome city to live in.

If you happen to be moving your business to San Diego, you will have a handful of things to do before you settle down. But once you do that, you will probably want to root yourself for a life in San Diego on a more personal level. As you are taking care of your business, you will probably also be looking for a place to live. Are you relocating with your family? If so, finding a family friendly neighborhood in San Diego should definitely be on your list.

But what about when you cover all those basics?

Taking care of yourself as an expat in San Diego

As anywhere else in the world, taking care of yourself is an essential part of your well-being. Even more so when you are away from your closest people and culture you are so used to. Keep in mind that you can always turn to nature’s own resources to back you up. Knowing the valuable nature spots around you is key!

San Diego Nature

“America’s finest city” is called so for a reason. San Diego’s unique location means that you can drive up to the mountains in the morning, and go back down to the beach in the evening. It also has an abundance of parks, biking and hiking trails, lakes, beaches… San Diego has 70 miles of coastline! You will find all kinds of beaches: party, family, relaxing, you name it… beaches!

Top 5 beaches in San Diego

View on a tree and the beach in daytime, La Jolla San Diego

San Diego has over 70 miles of coastline and all kinds of beaches.

  1. La Jolla Cove
  2. Torrey Pine State Beach
  3. Windansea Beach
  4. Pacific Beach
  5. Ocean Beach Dog Beach – especially great if you’re an expat in San Diego with a dog!

Culture Scene in San Diego

Being a very lively city, San Diego always has something to offer. Whether you are into theaters, music, museums, or sports events, San Diego will offer you fun events throughout the year! You will discover that life in San Diego can really be awesome!

Find some great food places

Three tacos in hard shells on a plate

San Diego is famous for its great Mexican food.

One of the best things about San Diego is that it borders with Mexico’s city of Tijuana. You can’t find better Mexican food in the States than in San Diego. At least that’s what locals boast about! Plenty of taquerias in every corner, available for you 24/7. Food is generally one of the things you will enjoy most after moving to San Diego.

Get used to the American way of life

Like the other American cities, San Diego is definitely different from other parts of the world. You might be surprised with how much you need to rely on a car to move around. Vast distances between the residential and shopping areas, the luxury of multi-lane roads and cheap gas all contribute to the American obsession and dependency on cars. For better or worse, you will need to pay extra care to your daily physical activity. However, the closeness of the beach will be very convenient for your exercising routine!

Get a social life which suits your needs

“No (wo)man is an island”. In case are starting over in San Diego, one of the key elements in adjusting as an expat in San Diego is to get an adequate social life. If you are an open, outgoing and direct person, you can look around your neighborhood for the community activities. If you like to adopt new sports and hobbies, San Diego is a perfect place for you. Going to the beach and trying surfing or beach volleyball will definitely introduce you to potential new local friends.

However, if you happen to need more contact with the people from your country or region, there are numerous expat groups in San Diego you can get in touch with. In any case, Californians of San Diego will surprise you with their kindness. There are great chances you will get many new friends in San Diego.

Immerse yourself in San Diego vibrant living

Once you move here and read up all the tips on living in San Diego, you will realize one thing. California will make you want to be active! With so many outdoor activities to do, you will forget about home blues quickly!

San Diego Craft Beers

Four glasses of different craft beers

Some of the San Diego local breweries rated among the top breweries in the world.

One thing distinct for San Diego is craft beers. There are over 100 licensed craft breweries and brewpubs in the county of San Diego. Suitably, there are some major festivals to celebrate this. San Diego Beer Week or San Diego International Beer Competition are perfect events to attend!

Must-See: Seals and Sea Lions at La Jolla seaside area

Seals resting on a beach in San Diego

A great idea for enjoying your life in San Diego. Sea Lions and Seals resting on the beaches make a great site!

If we talk about unique San Diego, one of the great natural wonders is the site of seals and sea lions resting on the side of the boardwalk at La Jolla beach. Do not miss that!

Golfing in San Diego

Featuring over 80 golf courses, San Diego is a renowned golfing destination. If you are a golfer or your friends/relatives like it, San Diego golf terrains will definitely be an attraction worth exploring.

Stay open to tips on living in San Diego

Sunset in San Diego

Great weather throughout the year will spoil any expat in San Diego.

To sum it all up, living in San Diego is definitely not going to be tiring and pressuring like living in other cities or parts of America. In order to adjust as an expat in San Diego, you just need to be open to explore a great many possibilities this beautiful city offers you. Soon enough, you will realize that lovely weather, kind people, and gorgeous nature really did their job. They will help you settle and resume your normal lifestyle!

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