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    There are many amazing cities in California worth talking about and Bakersfield is definitely one of them. It is a city located north of Los Angeles on the River Kern. There are plenty of things people know this city for and if you are not familiar with them, we are here to tell you all we think you need to know. We believe that moving here is a good idea as living in Bakersfield comes with a lot of pros and not so many cons. So, if you have been searching for a new city to call your new home, here is where you will find out just what Bakersfield CA is famous for and what makes moving here a good idea.

    Hart Memorial Park

    If you are a fan of nature and you love spending time outside, Bakersfield is the place to be. There are plenty of places in nature that you can go to and spend time with your family. And one of the most amazing places certainly is Hart Memorial Park.

    mountain and lake
    Living in Bakersfield means getting to enjoy the natural wonders located near by.

    You can do plenty of things here. There are picnic tables, hiking trails, and two lakes where fishing is allowed. This creates plenty of options for fun family activities you can do. A lot of families move to Bakersfield after seeing just how amazing having easy access to such a beautiful place as Hart Memorial Park is. It is just a twenty-minute drive away from the city center which means that you can go here whenever you feel like it.

    Downtown Bakersfield

    Even the Downtown of the city is known among people for being a lovely place. Even though this is a relatively small city, a lot of people decide to come to visit Bakersfield and see what it has to offer. And it truly has a lot for a small city.

    There are plenty of amazing restaurants here where you can eat some good food for not a lot of money. Also, there are plenty of local stores to purchase gifts and souvenirs. And if you decide to move here, can help make moving easier.

    Downtown Bakersfield.
    Downtown Bakersfield is one of the nicest places to be any time of day and year with lots of things to do.

    Fox Theatre

    Bakersfield CA is famous for a very old theatre you might have already heard of, Fox Theatre. It has an ornate interior and excellent acoustics. A lot of performers who come to Bakersfield do their performances here as it is a historic venue. A lot of people visit Bakersfield for these events which do happen often and it is why starting a business here is a good idea.

    The Bakersfield Museum of Art (BMoA)

    Another thing Bakersfield CA is famous for is the museum of art in Bakersfield. Here is where a lot of famous artists expose their artwork. Living in Bakersfield means that staying in touch with art is easy as you will be able to see plenty of beautiful exhibitions here. California is not only a great state to live in as a young person but seniors will love living here as well. It is a lovely safe city full of fun things to do.