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    Big Sur is a mountainous region of California. Situated between Carmel and San Simeon, it is widely known for its sublime natural treasures. But let’s see three main reasons why Big Sur is a perfect place for seniors.

    A heavenly-like place

    In spite of the relatively limited number of places to stay, and poor bus service, Big Sur has been an extremely popular tourist destination in the past years. People from all over the world come to enjoy the specific natural beauties and to find some peace. Therefore, the fact that more and more people consider exactly this Californian region a perfect place to move to after they retire and decide to leave their lives in a big city, is not strange at all. Its mild Mediterranean climate and sparse population promise a nice and peaceful life.

    There is a mountain and a bridge, near the shore.
    Meet the charms of the Californian coast.

    1. It has to do with nature

    Rich landscapes of pristine beauty definitely make Big Sur one of the best places for all the nature lover seniors. Everyone will instantly fall in love with the stunning view of the beach on every sunny day when the ocean seems to merge with the sky. Follow the fairy tale trails and reach the breathtaking waterfalls and coves. The inner parts of Big Sur are almost completely uninhabited preserving nature practically untouched. If this is something you need, there is no reason to wait- relocate to Big Sur. Make sure to reach out to experts in the area, and get everything done trouble-free. Local movers will know how to deal with it.

    2. You won’t get bored – a reason why Big Sur is a perfect place for seniors

    If you decide to spend some of your best senior days here in Big Sur, there is no way you are going to feel bored. Not even for a day. This is a place that offers so many outdoor activities of various kinds. There are hiking tours through the parks and redwood forests, where you can enjoy the wildflowers and other blooming vegetation, or the others along the Pacific coast enjoying whale watching. And for all those who are a bit more adventurous, seafaring trips will be more than interesting. So why don’t you try to find your own getaway in Big Sur? Get ready for the life-worth travel, and if you still haven’t found your movers, Mod Movers CA is at your disposal.

    There is a beach during the sunset, and some huge rocks in the water- a view that makes it clear why Big Sur is a perfect place for seniors.
    Enjoy the pleasant sunsets.

    3. And now for some other kinds of attractions

    The immense beauty is something that attracts people, who even decide to move overseas just to settle down in this region. However, if you’ve thought Big Sur is a nature and nature only, you have made a big mistake.

    Once you have enough of an active daily life, you can help yourself with a refreshing drink in one of the local restaurants. Take a walk to the nearby shops, or enjoy the cultural environment in one of the art galleries, and make it clear why Big Sur is a perfect place for seniors.