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    If you are and adventurous seeker and one of your hobbies is relocating, you are just where you should be. And if you were tempted to read this article that might mean that you still haven’t decide where to relocate. We don’t blame you, moving is difficult and serious task. But this also means that your hands are not tied and that you can choose where do you want to live. And we are here to convince you that out of all the places in the whole world you should move to San Diego. We know a lot about this amaizing city and we have decided to share them with you. If you are planning to move to San Diego, don’t go far, we have a couple of tips for you as well.

    1.Weather in San Diego is amaizing

    Before you move to San Diego you should know that they are not lying about the weather. It is a pure delight, with the average temperature being around 63 degrees. So bring out all of those summer dresses and short shorts or buy a lot more when you sell your entire winter wardrobe because you must definitely are not going to need it when you move to San Diego.

    2.You should move to San Diego because the nature is breath taking.

    Ok, so we guess that you already know about the beaches. The word kind of got out. But do you know about all of the attractions and superb sites beside it. If you don’t like to stay inside you can go surfing, or kayaking, you can explore the caves or the mountains. Before you move to San Diego you should know that you are not going to be bored, at all. And we have more proof of that!

    3.Let us present to you… Tourist atractions in San Diego!

    First and foremost, the San Diego ZOO is famous for a reason. And one thing that makes it stand our are pandas. It doesn’t matter if you are a kid or an adult, just the sight of this furry delight is going to melt your heart. And if frequent visits to the not-so-cheap-but-delightfull ZOO are a little above your pay grade, you can always take a stroll through Balboa Park, passing by the ZOO and enjoying everything else. And when it comes to things that are on a budget in this park you can enjoy free WiFI, provided to you by this tech-friendly city. If you are still having secong thoughts, read more about the park here. 

    If you are up for some traveling, you can pack a bag and head to LEGOLAND, or if you are interested in more adult hobbies you can go wine tasting. For anyone interested in a little excitement you can go whale watching. Before you move to San Diego you should know that one of the most instagramed tourist attractions is very near, so grab your phones and head to the Carlsbad flower fields. You will be delighted!

    4.If you move to San Diego, you can go to Mexico any time you like


    San Diego offers a lot of diversity, but if you by any chance or get bored, or if you are just up for some adventure, you can always go to Mexico for a day. Or two. Or a week. No judgment here. Just south of the border is a whole new world that offers different language, culture, art and amazing food. And if you have a few extra days, don’t settle with a short visit and travel further and explore the nature and customs of Mexico. Living in San Diego offers you a chance to do this as often as you would like.

    5.Did we forget to mention Comic Con?

    You must be living under a rock if you are not informed that the biggest and the most popular convention of comic book lovers is hosted in San Diego. And let us clarify that it isn’t just for the fans of comic books. It is also for anyone in love with any franchise at all. A lot of celebrities, actors, directos and writers will also be there, so if you live in San Diego, you get to star-gaze a little bit. Or a lot! So either prepare a nice looking costume or rent your place to some fanatic in a Darth Vader costume, either way, you will enjoy living in San Diego. Check out this footage of the previous year and see who won the award for the best cosplay.

    6.If you move to San Diego, you can enjoy farmers markets all year round

    Amaizing climate enables a lot of local farmers to offer their products during the entire year. Not only the produce is fresh and avaliable, you will also be suprised with the variety, and you can enjoy such delicious and rare vegetables and fruit like pomegranates and avocados. San Diego is also famous for the production of honey, strawberries and eggs, so there will be no excuses for you to eat healthy all year round. Palm

    o, you are thinking about moving to San Diego? Let us make a quick summary. If you move to San Diego, you will:

    • Enjoy the great outdoors
    • Eat healthier and spend more time outside
    • Enjoy a vast number of tourist attractions
    • Travel to Mexico

    … and many, many more. It doesn’t matter if you are young or a bit older, and if you are relocating for work or for personal reasons. San Diego offers a lot of interesting activities, and although the city is quite expensive, there are some things that are free of charge, like the breath-taking nature. Think hard but don’t think too long and make sure to check our advice on things you shouldn’t forget when moving. Have fun and see you on the next Comic Con. We will be dressed like the Suicide Squad. What about you?