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    Packing for moving is one big mess. Just when you think it’s all simply because you’ll pack your wardrobe in bags so it doesn’t break, small things in boxes, you’ll come across things of great value. We have them all in our home. For some, the valuables are jewelry and artworks, for others, instruments, and for others, photographs. Be that as it may, we must pay special attention to them. It is especially tricky if you are moving long distances. In that case, shipping high value products can become a problem if you don’t know what to do.

    Photos on the map
    Everyone has their own version of what is valuable

    Prepare for shipping high-value products

    Although at first glance it may seem that you just need to pack your things, the reality is completely different. Apart from the fact that for some things, if you are moving internationally, you need documentation, it is also necessary to make the necessary preparations for transport. To be sure that your stuff will be safe and well transported be sure to :

    • Label, seal, and protect
    • Ask for insurance
    • Track you package
    • Signature upon delivery

    You can do this by yourself but it will take you a lot of time, money, and energy. As you know specialists can do it for you. By this, we mean that they can do all the logistic preparations. Allow them to take care of your belongings.

    Make sure that everything is well packedĀ 

    When packing for shipping high-value products, we must always close and seal the packaging we send the best way possible. It is essential to clearly mark whether it is fragile, which way the box must be turned, etc. We have to quality material when packing because only in that way we can be sure that everything will be in its place during the transport. Each gap in the box, around the item we are sending, should be filled with either crushed styrofoam, crumpled newspaper, or some fabric. This way shipping high-value products will be much safer.

    Make sure that you have covered all the possibilities

    When handing over the package for shipping, it is mandatory to ask for package insurance. This may be a slightly more expensive variant, but it gives us the assurance that even if something happens to our item, the service in question will refund it. Depending on how much we state that the item is worth, this one will of course be more expensive. In this case, during shipping, high-value products service pays a little more attention to the package there is sent.

    You can’t have enough safety with shipping high value products

    Signature upon the delivery type of service reduces the possible risk of theft even more. This is important when shipping high-value products. With this kind of service, the courier or postman will not only leave your package on the doorstep or in the mailbox, but the recipient must sign that he has received the package.

    Sign the shipping high value products
    Make sure that everything is ok when shipping high value products

    When shipping high value products you need to calculate the risk and plan everything perfectly, from packing to delivery. Only this way you can be sure that your belongings will be in your hands after the move.