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    Professional moving services can cost quite a lot, especially for commercial moving. As a result, many people will try to cut the expenses by looking for cheaper solutions and alternatives. If trying to save that way, you will never be sure of how big the risks of hiring fraudulent commercial movers are. In general, professional commercial movers have similar prices. Some of them offer discounts and different payment solutions, but even then they don’t vary a lot between companies. Should you find a company that is twice cheaper than the average offer on the market, it is a definite sign that something is not right.

    The risks of hiring fraudulent commercial movers are numerous

    Today, anyone can make a website, open a shady online company and present themselves as a professional. As a business owner with a large office waiting to be moved to another place, the last thing you need is to deal with those kinds. Take a look at the Moving of America – NJ Movers, a very good example of how the company should be transparent and informative. Hiring a reliable commercial mover is imperative if you want stress-free cost-efficient moving. In order to do so, there are a couple of things you should pay attention to when checking for red flags. Let’s split them into four groups:

    • Incognito meter
    • Commercial movers’ customer support
    • Estimate when hiring commercial movers
    • Initial money manipulation

    Incognito meter

    Being able to get as many info as possible is an important thing before dealing with the office moving. If the company’s website provides you with no physical address of the office’s location, that is a bad sign. Failing to give a location, address, or other information about them is a huge red flag. You can call them and ask, but there is a great chance they will refuse to provide you with certain information. You don’t need that, it’s already too suspicious. Another thing you need to check is their USDOT number. It is always better to meet the movers in person and check their office, vehicles, and warehouse condition if there are any. Pay attention if they are using trucks marked with the company name. A company without it is a definite red flag. Check if they are accepting credit cards since fraudulent movers avoid dealing with them.

    a black and white drawing of a hand reaching out from the laptop to steal a girl's credit card
    Fraudulent movers will avoid dealing with credit cards because you can retrieve your money.

    Commercial movers’ customer support

    An important aspect of any company business is a customer support service. If the company is not dealing with their customers in a proper and professional manner, how would you expect them to deal with your possessions? That’s right, lacking respect and professionalism when dealing with people is definitely a sign that your office items will be treated the same. If not even worse. Another thing is to check the company’s track record and to see its profile on BBB. It’s a good place to find out if there are any complaints against the company. Having a bad reputation is not to be taken lightly. Browsing the internet and reading reviews will provide you with more than necessary info. Also, ask them about the references. Failing to provide you with references is a sign that something is not right.

    Estimates when hiring commercial movers

    Estimates, or quotes, are a starting point in your budget calculation. The moving estimate should be clear and understandable. After all, it is your money and you should know what services exactly you are paying for. That way you won’t be surprised with some extra fees, hidden costs, and price changes.


    No on-site estimate

    One of the most obvious red flags in the moving business is the lack of on-site estimate. If the company is not willing to do the free on-site inspection of your office inventory, just run. Giving estimates unseen will certainly lead to hidden costs since they can’t offer you a binding or non-binding written estimate. These “blind” estimates are often very low and unreal, waiting to ambush you with additional costs when movers transport your office goods.


    No papers, no contracts, no bill of lading

    Another sign of potentially fraudulent moving company is that they can’t provide you with clear and complete documentation. Check what services are included in a written estimate and ask for a complete price list of additional services. Professional long-distance office moving company will document every step and will not keep their customers blind. They are also required to provide you with “Your rights and responsibilities when you move” booklet in the early phase of your planning.


    Not being able to track your goods

    You need to get everything in writing before your office inventory is on the truck. But, even after that, you should be able to stay in contact with a driver, or eventually be able to track the position of your goods. Most of the professional companies are able to provide you with the geolocation of your belongings at any given moment, for both yours and their sake.

    a woman showing terms and conditions card
    Documentation should be clear and complete. Read small letters just in case.

    Initial money manipulation

    If you don’t do your research on the risks of hiring fraudulent commercial movers before contacting moving companies, you risk being a victim of fraud due to the lack of knowledge.

    • Low-cost offers: If the company is offering you significantly lower prices than their competition it can mean two things. First, it’s a fraud, the price is unreal, and you will end up with sky-high bills. Second, the company is new to the market and is trying to earn its place. That can potentially mean they lack experience and are not highly skillful movers. Even if it’s not the fraud, you should think if that is what you need for your commercial moving.
    • Money upfront: Don’t make a mistake and place your trust in a company that is asking for a large cash deposit. It is very likely they will take your money and disappear. It is even possible you will lose all your office belongings. Good to remember is that long-distance movers usually use weight when estimating price, and local movers charge by the hour.
    • License and insurance: A lot of people are moving their homes and offices yearly. Following that trend, many moving companies are opening every year, especially during the hot season from April to September. Thus it is essential to know the risks of hiring fraudulent commercial movers in this period. Among these new companies, there are a lot of those without the license, uninsured, offering low costs. Stay away from these. Be suspicious about a company that is offering complete coverage and blanket insurance.┬áBecause the third party is usually providing full coverage.
    Spider web, representing fraudulent moving companies
    Don’t allow yourself to be caught in their web of lies.

    Conclusion on the risks of hiring fraudulent commercial movers

    The risks of hiring fraudulent commercial movers can be huge if you don’t pay close attention to details. Unfortunately, they are a part of everyday life and you just need to learn how to deal with them. However, researching process can be much easier if you know what to look for.