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    If you cant decide where to move because of the costs, this article should be helpful. San Diego and Chicago are two vastly different cities that come at different price points. That is why it is important to consider everything before making your final decision. That is why our experts from Moving Offices San Diego have prepared this guide. So let’s go over the cost of living comparison for San Diego vs Chicago!

    Rent and utilities

    Rent and utilities have a big gap between these cities. A single-bedroom apartment in the downtown area will cost you about 1500 dollars in Chicago vs San Diego will cost you closer to 2000 dollars. If you opt for a cheaper 1-bedroom apartment a bit farther from the city the prices will drop about 30 percent in both cases. But if you are moving with your family a 3-bedroom apartment will cost you about 2750 dollars in Chicago, and 3200 in San Diego. The same size apartment in a worse location will cost you 1750 dollars in Chicago, and 2250 in San Diego.

    San Diego skyline
    In the price comparison between San Diego vs Chicago, San Diego takes the crown as the more expensive city

    Utilities (per person) in Chicago will cost you 95 dollars per month, and 110 in San Diego. For a family, the prices will be about 150 dollars in CH and 170 in SD. The utilities don’t have such a huge difference between San Diego and Chicago, compared to housing prices.

    Buying a house

    If you opt for buying a house in San Diego, you should also consider the huge difference in price per 10ft2 between San Diego and Chicago. The median price per 10ft2 in the city center area of both cities has a huge 50% difference ($5000 in Chicago vs $7500 in San Diego). Similarly, if you opt for a suburban area, the prices are almost doubled between the two cities ($2200 in Chicago vs $4200 in San Diego).

    But, on the bright side, the mortgage rates are similarly placed at around 3.45% in both cities, depending on the mortgage provider. Moving to any of the two cities has its pros and cons, and there are many great moving companies like Golans Moving and Storage to help you out with the process.

    Aerial shot of Chicago
    Once again San Diego is more expensive, while Chicago offers affordable prices for people wanting to buy a home.

    Moving to San Diego and Chicago

    Before you decide which city is right for you, do some research before you start the moving process. Research daycares, schools, hospitals, and other things you find important in the area you are considering. After doing that, you should start planning your move. In case you’ve chosen Ilinois, there are many steps to simplify the process of relocation. Researching movers and reading online reviews will help you a lot during this phase!

    In conclusion

    While there is a big difference between San Diego vs Chicago in the costs of living in both cities, both of them offer great things. That is why you should consider everything before moving to any of them. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us, and we will happily answer your questions!