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    You’ve made a great decision to relocate to America’s Finest City. Now, you just need to pick the right San Diego neighborhood you want to call home.

    This city is one of those places where, for many people, you are your neighborhood. Choosing a place to live isn’t just about commute time or closeness to grocery stores. It’s about your identity. But, luckily, there are many best neighborhoods to live in San Diego

    Here are some tips that can help you pick the right San Diego neighborhood to move to. 

    Pick the right San Diego neighborhood – Know what you are looking for

    To avoid disappointment and drastic mistakes when moving, make it clear to yourself exactly what you want and what you need from your future neighborhood. Consider everything that will make you feel safe, calm, and happy. So, ask yourself:

    • Do you want a single-family home in the suburbs? Or you want something smaller and closer to the city? 
    • Is it important to have schools and shopping centers nearby? 
    • Do you prefer an urban or rural setting? 
    • Do you want to live in an older neighborhood or a brand new development? 

    Then, when you have a clear picture of your ideal neighborhood, you can narrow your search and start looking for the right place.

    Pencil and notes
    To pick the right San Diego neighborhood to move to, you need to make a list of the things you want from it.

    Crime rates 

    You can pick the right San Diego neighborhood with the help of a search engine. Just type in the name of the city and crime statistics by neighborhood. But, remember that different parts of the same city may be safer or dangerous. So, before packing your items and storing them for a while, ask around or read crime reports in the local papers. However, your best source for information on crime and safety is the local police department.

    Drive around the neighborhoods

    Before you learn how to find cheap movers in San Diego area that are also reliable, you should drive around the neighborhoods. Look for graffiti or some other sorts of vandalism, like broken windows. See if homes have signs like “beware of dog” or high fences or bars on accessible windows.

    Look around before you pick the right San Diego neighborhood

    Make sure you spend time walking through the neighborhood. But, try doing this at different times of the day. This will help you get a sense of its highs and lows. See the condition of the houses, the front yards, and the streets. Also, observe if people you meet make eye contact with you. Because if they do, that’s probably a safe and friendly community.

    Houses Neighborhood - Pick the right San Diego neighborhood
    Walkthrough the neighborhood.

    Proximity to work

    The location of your work is another factor that plays a role in choosing a neighborhood. Consider the commute in the morning and after work. Also, find out will you be going with or against the flow traffic. You can even drive your intended route one or two times at peak traffic times so you know what to expect. Also, look into bus and commuter train routes that are close to where you plan to live. We’re sure you will pick the right San Diego neighborhood, just for you. Good luck!