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    Carrying heavy furniture is a significant job whether you’re moving or merely rearranging your space. Try these quick tricks to move awkward or large objects without damaging your back, your home, or the furniture. Use your head, not your back, while moving heavy furniture by yourself.

    Make plans in advance when moving heavy furniture

    It’s always a good idea to have a plan for how the furniture will be arranged in the new home. In this manner, you will only need to move it twice: from the old house into a truck and from the truck into the new house. Without previous planning, furniture pieces will need to be moved around a lot while you figure out where they will look best. Measure the entrances and hallways you will need when moving heavy furniture through as well. While trying to fit something through a narrow hallway or doorway, can have damage.

    Easily maneuver doorways

    Sometimes it can be challenging to fit objects through doors, especially if they are bigger or heavier objects. But when comes to chairs, it can be a smart strategy to ‘hook’ the chair through the doorway by circling the doorframe on its side, the rear going through the door first, and pivoting the rest of the chair around. Place larger things, such as sofas, on their ends and then proceed as with the chair. Here’s another tip on how to relocate the furniture in a safe manner. Since you can hook two legs of a table through a door and then pivot the remainder of the table around, this technique also works with tables.

    A man moving heavy furniture
    Try not to damage the doorways while moving heavy furniture!

    Raise couches on end to move them

    If you need to move a couch through a door, it is nearly impossible to carry it horizontally and turn it into the room. Turn the couch on its end and slide near the doorway as you enter the hallway. Almost always, you should be able to connect it to the door. Put the top away from the door if it is a little higher than the door opening to get a few inches of clearance.

    Two people moving heavy furniture;
    As you approach the doorway, move your furniture more vertically.

    Moving heavy furniture is easier with the help

    Your heavy furniture needs storing during a relocation, at least temporarily. If you require storage services before, during, or after the moving process, we suggest you rent a unit. They offer three different forms of storage: temporary, long-term, and permanent. Choose what is most appropriate for you when moving heavy furniture from your place.

    Use ramps while you move furniture

    The likelihood is that you may need to carry some furniture downstairs from the upper stories or down the stairs. A ramp is an ideal solution for this. Whether you have sturdy metal ramps or can just use cardboard for big items, moving your furniture from your home to your van will be a lot simpler.

    Disassemble most of the stuff when moving heavy furniture

    To make moving furniture through doors and rooms easier, if there are any elements of your furniture that you can remove, it’s a good idea to pull them off the item of furniture and pack them individually. There are also different things you need in the kitchen. Be sure to name them to recall which pieces go with certain pieces of furniture!

    In conclusion

    To conclude, moving heavy furniture can seem like a heavy task. But, you can do it. Believe in yourself and make a good plan and you’ll be done in no time!