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    The never-ending debate about which coast is better is about to be resolved! We, as someone who is representing west coast have no intention of letting you go to the East and miss all the fun and amazingness that is going on over here. That is why, our dear readers, if you are planning to move (and even if you aren’t), read the article below and make sure that you have chosen the best opportunity for yourself. We are just here to head you in the right direction because we do want what is best for you. That is why we practically insist that you should move to West Coast.

    1.Move to West Coast so you can enjoy beautiful weather

    Well, you can’t possibly tell us that this is not a factor. Almost every day there are sunshine and blue skies and amazing beaches where you can enjoy that perfect weather. No wonder people are always smiling and composing poems about this part of the United States.

    2.Pick West Coast for the job market

    The number of companies that have chosen West Coast is increasing and why wouldn’t it be when you get to be in the same neighborhood as Facebook, YouTube, Google, Microsoft, Apple and many more. This part of the country has proven itself to be very productive and nurturing when it comes to young geniuses and their life-changing ideas. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that, so start packing your bags and head to the West Coast!

    3.After that hard work, you deserve some vacation time

    West Coast has many geographical benefits, so when you decide to take a break there are plenty of places in the proximity to choose from. So, you can take your pick between marvelous Hawaii, Tahiti, Bora Bora or even head out to Asia, which has never been closer. It’s great for doing business, but it is even better for having fun and exploring new and diverse cultures.

    4.Relocate to West Coast for healthier life style

    Studies have shown that the lifestyle provided by the conditions on the West Coast is very beneficial to people’s health. The stronger you are in that area, the less you should pay for life insurance, doctors and drugs. There is also another interesting selling point. Healthier and more satisfied lifestyle creates people that are more peaceful, who in return, impact their environment in the same way. You are more likely to live a happy, satisfied life if you choose West Coast.

    5.And let’s not forget about environment!

    In this part of the United States, people are very eager to protect the environment and they are using everything they can. It’s not just about smoking bans, recycling and laws about emissions, it is also important to mention the presence of organic cuisine, which is very popular among the residents.  This will also be great if you are planning to start a family, because you will enable your children to grow in a much cleaner and safer environment.

    6.West coast is great for sport lovers

    If you are an aspiring athlete or amateur snowboard lover, it will be great for you to move to West Coast. You can indulge your hobbies in Lake Tahoe or Whistler and if you get tired of that you can always go and check some NBA game and support the locals, like The Golden State Warriors and the San Francisco Giants.

    7.Enjoy some amazing music festivals

    You must be living under a rock if you still haven’t heard about Coachella and Outside Lands. One can argue that when it comes to festivals, it doesn’t get better than these two. Who wouldn’t like to dance with flowers in their hair to some of the best artist from this century. These events are a must for every music lover out there, and another reason why you should move to West Coast.

    8.West Coast offers lower costs of life

    When it comes to home maintenance and power bills you will be thrilled to hear that they are quite low. The superb weather allows you not to worry about snow and cold destroying your home, ice is also not a deal breaker, and in general you will spend much less not only to maintain your house but also on electricity. This is a great selling point for West Coast. If you are still not convinced, just check out the official Coachella video.

    9.Move to West Coast if you are looking for a change of pace

    West Coast is a home of some very vibrant, modern cities, filled with young adults looking to have a good time. Having beaches and awesome weather enables that kind of lifestyle. But, on the other hand, if you want to settle down, there is no need to look any further, because places like Santa Barbara and Carmel-by-the-Sea will give you just that. You can check here this charming little town.

    10.Don’t forget about the amazing nature

    It is quite obvious we are talking about beaches, which are indeed breathtaking, but it is not just about them. West Coast is home to some amazing parks, and also to an insane number of National Forests, far more than the East Coast. If you are looking for an adventure, you can even check out an active volcano, just outside of Seattle.

    West Coast offers you to live a much happier and healthier life surrounded by a nurturing environment, that gives you a lot of opportunities. People are far less judgmental and you get to enjoy being who you really are, without having to worry about the reactions. Relocation to West Coast would help you improve your quality of life, as well as enabling you to take care of planet Earth and enjoy the benefits of living in an open-minded, diverse society that really enjoys staying active and living life to the fullest.