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    Relocating is always a difficult decision, but sometimes it is the necessary thing. Changing your environment can benefit you in so many ways and although moving is exhausting and often stressful, the good always trumps the bad when you find yourself surrounded by new and exciting things and conditions that will improve the quality of your everyday life. But even if you are ready to take that step, where should you relocate? That is a very difficult decision and we are not wrong to say that not every place is for every person, because all of us are seeking or lacking something different. But, with no false modesty, we have to say that our home town offers plenty of possibilities and that it will fit almost every personality type. You should move to San Diego and we know why! So, if you still haven´t decided where you are going to settle, check out this list of reasons. Don´t start packing your bags before you get to the end!

    ⦁ Move to San Diego because weather is to die for!

    move to san diego
    There are plenty of reasons to move to San Diego

    You know how sunny days tend to be a bit better than the others? Well, it´s sunny almost every day down in San Diego. The weather is roughly 70 degrees with very little fluctuation which not only helps you feel better but it also enables you to be outside more often and improve your health and fitness. You can stash your winter clothes away and get used to always having a par of sunglasses around, because moving to San Diego feels like an endless summer.

    ⦁ San Diego´s beaches will leave you speechless

    Live in San Diego
    Sunsets worth instagraming every night in San Diego

    Very much associated with reason number one this special feature of San Diego will turn your every day into something special, without having to spend a dime. There is a ton of amazing beaches whose sunsets put any filter to shame and with the weather perfectly in sync; they make an awesome reason for you to move to San Diego. And this spectacular natural riches aren´t just for staring at, the beaches offer a variety of activities that help you to spend some quality time while enjoying some nice exercise. The good example for this is Mission Bay that is equipped for some great biking adventure.

    ⦁ The bars, the food, the drinks… Welcome to San Diego!

    San Diego feels like a city of hedonists who really like to eat well… And drink well… And go out in style. If, for example, you like beer you will be pleased to hear that San Diego has been voted the third best on the list of best beer cities. You will find a variety and excellent quality of beverages in almost any bar in San Diego and there are even some events dedicated to beer, the most popular beverage, such as The Festival of Beer (find out more here). One special thing about this manifestation is that donates money to causes fighting cancer. So, San Diego enables you to have fun and do something good, which is another reason why you should move to San Diego.
    Besides this, San Diego is home to a lot of foodies and its proximity to Mexico and to water enables an amazing variety of quality food. Tacos, fish, calamari, lobster… You can eat them fresh while sitting on a beach and looking at a sunset, what more can you ask for?

    ⦁ You can find various source of entertainment in San Diego

    Relocate to San Diego
    Who wouldn’t want to live in San Diego?

    One of the biggest reasons people are attracted to this city are various forms of entertainment. Combine that with amazing weather and you are never bored. If, for example, you are interested in animals, you can enjoy the widely popular San Diego ZOO, whose admission prices aren´t cheap, but are for sure worthy. It´s not just about watching the animals, you can observe various once-in-a-lifetime activities such as koala exhibits and playing with baby pandas. In addition to this you can go check Sea World and if you are into sea creatures San Diego offers amazing whale watching cruise. Talk about a life changing experience! These are really amazing reasons for you to move to San Diego. If all this talk about animals isn´t really your cup of tea, perhaps we can direct your attention to the San Diego Comic Con. The biggest convention of nerds, fans and super stars happen precisely there and lately it has grown to such magnitudes that it is really a waste not to miss it!

    ⦁ It is a great place to grow up

    Kids don´t really need much but what they do need is a place to be active and good education. And San Francisco can provide you with both. Not only there is plenty of activity that we have already mentioned, but the city itself is filled with parks and green areas, not to mention the beach, which is always a safe choice. Besides, although it seems like a place to party and stay up throughout the night, this city surprisingly offers a quality education system, up to higher levels of education, such as colleges and up to three large universities. Even you need the best of both worlds for you and your kids, you should move to San Diego.

    Well, let´s make a quick summary of all the awesome things San Diego has to offer:
    ⦁ Sun, beaches and amazing weather all throughout the year
    ⦁ Variety of activities to keep you entertained
    ⦁ Delicious food and great alcohol
    ⦁ Good education and ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle

    If all of this is not enough let us also mention that farmers markets are everywhere and housing is much cheaper than in the neighboring cities. In addition, West Coast has a lot to offer, so make sure you have looked into everything before you decide. And before you start packing for your move to San Diego, check out this article for helpful advice!