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    Moving to California has never been a bad idea. But there are some disadvantages of doing so. California is very expensive when it comes to housing. And it goes for both purchasing a home and renting it. Renting a home is much easier than buying it when you are young. And as we know that mostly young people relocate to California, we are here to tell you about some of the most renter-friendly cities in California. Renting anywhere in Cali is a good idea if you are looking for a place to find a job in and to settle down. But there are some cities that are more affordable than others. If you are looking for these types of cities to settle down in, this article is where you will read all about them.


    One of the best cities for renting a home certainly is Irvine. There are plenty of homes for rent to be found in Irvine. And the pricing of the homes is reasonable as well. The average rent for a medium-sized apartment in Irvine is around $3,000 The cost of rent, of course, varies depending on several factors. This includes the location, size, and quality of the home you want to rent.

    But we think that no matter where in Irvine you find a home to rent, you will certainly love it there. Irvine is a very fun city and has plenty of things for you to do there. If moving as a young person, you will find plenty of places where you can meet people your age as Irvine is a city with lots of young people.

    Irvine road.
    Moving to Irvine from anywhere is a good idea because of how amazing of a place to live in it is.

    If you do not already know, Irvine is located relatively close to Los Angeles which is why a lot of people from all over the world are moving to Irvine as well. No matter where you are moving to Irvine from, you can reach out to skilled people for assistance. Even if you are moving to Irvine Temporarily, you will find it a very pleasant place to be in It is also a nice place for people with children as it is safe. There are lots of nice neighborhoods to move too which is why most people who come to Irvine, stay in Irvine.

    Santa Ana

    Another amazing city to consider moving to  is Santa Ana. It is a smaller city located right next to Irvine. It has plenty of qualities and the reasons to move to Santa Ana are various. One of the reasons why moving to Santa Ana is a good idea is the fact that it is a smell city. This means that it is safe. But certainly not boring. There are plenty of things to do in Santa Ana no matter your age.

    Finding an apartment in this part of California is very easy. Especially when you are a renter. This is a city where mostly people with children live and the elderly. They are the ones buying houses. This is why there are plenty of homes to rent on the market. Once you find a home to rent in Santa Ana, you can hire to help you move into your new place.

    Lake Santa Ana.
    Santa Ana is full of wonderful nature which is perfect for those who love outdoor activities.

    Santa Ana is a small city but it has plenty of places for you to see and go too. There are lots of bars, cafes, restaurants, and plenty of other places where you can go to. There are also lots of parks and outdoor places to go to. The nature in this area is beautiful and a lot of it is untouched. This is perfect for those of you who love to spend time outdoors. You can go hiking, cycling, running, or simply walking through the wonderful woods of the area.

    San Diego

    We cannot forget to mention San Diego as one of the most renter-friendly cities in California. Finding a home in San Diego is a very easy task. There are plenty of them. You can easily find an apartment and a house to rent in San Diego as well. This is why a lot of young people move to San Diego. The price of rent in San Diego is not high as one would expect it to be. The average rent for an apartment in San Diego is $2,000. This is not a high price to pay for an apartment. Especially if you manage to find an apartment in the center of the city.

    San Diego.
    San Diego is one of the most beautiful cities to live in California. It has all you need and a lot more.

    If that is your plan, you will have a harder time doing so as there are plenty of people looking for a home in the center of the city. But the suburbs are a great option as well as the outskirts of the city. You can easily reach the center by car or public transport as the city is very well connected.

    We also have to tell you about the amazing beaches in San Diego that you will love. There are plenty of them. You can spend time here with your children or pets doing plenty of things. Plus, traveling from San Diego is very easy as there is an airport nearby.