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    Moving your business cross-country is a big challenge and a big step to take. How to prepare your business when moving from California to NYC and how to move a business without losing productivity? California and New York are completely different states with different rules, regulations, taxes, and the job market.

    Prepare your business when moving from California to NYC – tips and tricks

    Moving an office long-distance require a lot of preparation, organization, creating a checklist, preparing the finances, etc. If you want to expand your business to another state, do the research first. After all, it is a big investment.

    Writing a list to prepare your business when moving from California to NYC.
    Prepare every step in advance when moving your office cross-country

    Research the market and competition

    Know if New York City is good for your type of business right now. It is not the same if you are moving a gallery for example and you are moving as an artist from CA to NYC or if you are moving IT business. Create a business plan and hire consultants with experience in the NYC economy and business market.

    Choose the neighborhood in NYC

    New York City is a big city with plenty of different neighborhoods to offer. Every neighborhood has a different vibe. Depending on the type of your business, choose where to move it. The budget also has a factor when it comes to picking a new office space in a big city.

    Hire commercial movers and storage services

    To move a business from one state to another simple, fast, and easy, you should hire a professional and reliable moving company with experience. Commercial relocations are not easy to handle but this is why pros are there to help you out such asĀ Ben Hur Moving & Storage NYC and you will not lose too much productivity. Time is money when moving a business, so make sure everything is fast and smooth. Also, consider renting a storage unit for your business in New York City.

    Office space.
    Choose the best location for your office space in New York City

    Start packing your office on time

    Don’t waste your time and start packing your office immediately after deciding to move it. You have 2 options here – to hire professional packing services or to organize a DIY packing. You will need a lot of firm moving boxes and other packing materials.

    Notify people about business relocation

    When moving your California-based business to NYC, notify your employees about the relocation, suppliers, and clients. All people should know well in advance about office relocation, especially your team. Because you are moving a business cross-country, you should make a plan for new suppliers.

    Work on the marketing

    To prepare your business when moving from California to NYC, work on the marketing after moving and make sure new clients notice your business in NYC. Digital marketing is a big part of every business and a key to having a successful business. The competition is strong in NYC, so make sure you stand out and be as unique as possible in this hub.