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    The piano is a very expensive instrument and people usually have to save a certain amount of money each month to buy it eventually. If you are a professional in this field in the sense that you study piano at a musical or art academy anywhere, your instrument is definitely very valuable to you. Some people inherit a piano from their family members and the object has a high sentimental value for them. Therefore, when moving you would want to make sure your piano is not damaged after the relocation.

    Using the right kind of equipment can protect your piano from damage during the moving process

    First of all, you must use the right kind of equipment when moving your piano. Since it is not something cheap, you have to be very careful with it. We advise you to find a furniture dolly for this purpose. It does not matter if your piano has wheels for they are pretty sensitive. Consequently, they can not serve for transport, only for moving your piano a bit in your room. The great thing today is that you can rent it for a certain period of time. Moreover, you should wrap your piano in blankets to protect it from damage and then use moving tape so they do not fall during transport. In case you have a piano cover, you can always use it instead of blankets but the process of using moving tape stays the same.

    Make sure your piano is not damaged after the relocation.
    Provide the right sort of equipment when preparing your instrument for transport.

    If you hire true experts you will make sure your piano is not damaged after the relocation

    The second thing to keep in mind is that you should not try to move your piano completely on your own. It would be best to simply trust experts with it. For they are able to handle it in the right way. They will ensure to relocate your precious instrument quickly, efficiently, and safely. True professionals are the people you can rely on and trust that they will do everything right without any complications. The best part is that they already have all the equipment they should use for the purpose of relocating this musical instrument. Moreover, they know all hacks and how to protect your piano in the best possible way from damage. 

    Work desk.
    Search the Internet to find the best piano movers who are available at the time you want to move.

    Taking the legs off can make sure your piano is not damaged after the relocation

    The third thing to pay attention to when preparing your piano for a move is taking its legs off. Of course, if this is possible when it comes to your musical instrument. Moving the legs of your piano separately is both safer and easier because the risk of them breaking or damaging during transport will be smaller. Moreover, without its legs, it will be easier to move your instrument. Just pay special attention to where are you packing the legs so you do not forget where they are when you arrive at your new address and the time for moving in comes. When you are settling in at your new property in San Diego you would want your piano to be ready for playing as soon as possible. Perhaps you even have in mind organizing a housewarming party. And being able to play your favorite pieces for your guests that evening can definitely be very special.

    Concert piano.
    If possible, make sure to take your piano’s legs off because it will be safer to relocate it this way.

    Be careful when searching for a professional relocation company to handle this

    The fourth thing that is of high importance when it comes not only to moving your musical instrument but to relocation, in general, is hiring a professional moving company. Surely, you must be well are of the fact that out there are so many scammers. Especially nowadays, in the age of the internet where everyone can pretend to be anyone, even a true expert in a certain field. For this reason, you have to keep both of your eyes wide open so you do to fall into the trap.

    Patience is the key when looking for true moving experts to help you with your piano relocation

    Patience can save you in a situation like this one. If you are not sure how it is very simple actually. Just make sure to read the comments and reviews of previous clients. Moreover, avoid having nothing to do with companies with no license. And if possible make sure to see a company representative in person. Yes, we know that today many people are hiding online. However, if you see someone in person it will be easier for you to feel bad vibes and possible scams. Talking with a professional on the phone can also be more helpful than just texting. Plus, there are pretty useful sites similar to Master Moving Guide.

    Your piano should go first in a moving vehicle

    The fifth step in this process is loading your piano in the vehicle before all other items. In case you are transporting furniture, cardboard boxes, and similar objects in the same truck, of course. To protect your precious instrument make sure to put the boxes around it. This way, it will be much safer when the roads are not so smooth. Furthermore, we should remind you that when preparing your piano for relocation you need to wear comfy clothing. The same goes for footwear and avoid wearing jewelry or any clothing items that are not practical for the situation. As you can see, relocating can be very simple, even moving your musical instrument if you know what you need to do.


    Finally, to sum up, if you want to make sure your piano is not damaged after the relocation there are certain steps you should take. To begin with, provide the right equipment and packing materials. Moreover, hire true experts to help you move your musical instrument. Also, take the piano’s legs off to make the process safer. Importantly, load the piano in the moving vehicle before all the other objects.