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    As you can assume, relocation is stressful enough as it is. But imagine how it can be with toddlers, especially if they are not calm and quiet. Because of this, when you are moving from California to Pennsylvania with a toddler, you need to make a perfect plan and organize everything in advance. If you don’t, nothing good will come out of it, and your relocation won’t be successful. This is a long-distance move we are talking about, after all. There are plenty of things to prepare for, and you will have a lot of obligations. Even though there are benefits to moving from a city in California to another state, it is not easy. And you will need help, so don’t hesitate to ask for it. Including all other family members in the process would also be helpful, so keep that in mind.

    Don’t even think about moving from California to Pennsylvania with a toddler on your own

    You probably already know that relocation is a process that consists of many different parts. And with that being said, you understand that there are many obligations and things to do during that period. Sometimes, it can last for a couple of months even. So doing all of that on your own would be a big mistake. First of all, you have a toddler to take care of and look after. That will be enough of an obligation. Also, doing things on your own when moving is not affordable. It will be more expensive, and it will last longer. Don’t forget that you are not a professional, and many things could go wrong.

    Instead of risking everything, you should hire professionals. There are many moving companies, such as Zippy Shell of Greater Philadelphia, that you could employ for this relocation. The entire process would be done much faster. And it will be more affordable, which mean you can put some money aside for different purposes. Also, when you hire professionals, you have nothing to worry about. They know what they are doing, and you can relax. So you will have more free time to look after your kid. Also, you will be insured. Or your belongings will. This means that if anything happens, you will be compensated. Don’t wait too much. Set up your budget and hire those movers so you can get to Pennsylvania as soon as possible.

    A woman spending quality time with her children before moving from California to Pennsylvania with a toddler.
    Moving from California to Pennsylvania with a toddler is not easy.

    Try talking to them so they can be prepared for the situation

    Many people assume that talking with their kids is not important. They believe that parents are the ones making decisions, and kids should stay out of it. Well, that is definitely a mistake. And you need to avoid it. Even though they are just toddlers, they deserve to know what is happening around them. Even adults can have a hard time adapting to changes or accepting them. Imagine how it can be for a child that doesn’t even understand what is happening. So try talking with your toddler.

    For sure, you can’t expect them to understand you. But you should inform them that the situation is changing. They need to know that they won’t be living in the same house and that everything will look different. Also, now is the perfect time to tell them they will travel. Giving them more information about what their new home will look like, especially their bedroom, might help soothe the situation if they get upset. There are many reasons why families move, and no matter what yours is, you should share it will all the members of your family. Little ones included.

    Make a packing plan when moving from California to Pennsylvania with kids

    First, you should know that there are always two options when it comes to packing. You could either take packing services from the movers, or you could pack on your own. People with kids, no matter if they are infants or toddlers, prefer packing on their own. So if this is your choice, you will need some tips. As you know, packing is a messy process. And it is the one that lasts the longest, which makes it the most difficult one as well. This means that you cannot pack while your kid is around. It can be dangerous, and it could also make it even messier. Instead, pack only when your child is sleeping. This way, you will have peace, and you can concentrate and focus on packing properly.

    A toddler sleeping.
    Wait until your toddler is sleeping to pack.

    Leave their room for the very end

    Two rooms that you will use all the time during the relocation are the bathroom and your kid’s bedroom. So this means that these are the rooms that you pack at the very end — especially their room. Toddlers are very good at getting themselves dirty while playing or trying to eat. And parents do change their clothes a lot. Also, that is the place where they play, sleep, and probably love being in. So wait until the very last day to pack things in that room. You could also find a guide to creating a gaming room in your new home; they would love that, for sure.

    When moving from CA to PA with a toddler, you must prevent clutter

    Your home will be very messy during the relocation. And your toddlers won’t be very helpful those days. In fact, they will help to make it even messier. That is why you need to prevent them from creating clutter as much as possible. Keep all their toys in their bedroom, and let them play there, not around the entire house. Also, taking them outdoors more than before is definitely another great solution for this.

    A child jumping in a puddle.
    Kids love being outdoors, regardless of the outdoor conditions.

    Find someone to look after them

    At some moments, when you are moving from California to Pennsylvania with a toddler, you will need help. And by help, we are referring to getting someone to take care of the little one. You will have hands full of obligations, and you won’t be able to do both. So think about this before you find yourself in a difficult spot.