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    Whether you plan on selling your home in the immediate future or would just like to do some work that would pay off in the event of a sale, landscaping might be the answer. Experts say that even something as low-effort as maintaining a neat lawn can do wonders for your curb appeal. The greater the curb appeal, the more money you can ask for when you decide on selling. However, landscaping is more than just maintaining lush lawns. There are so many options that you can go with, so if you are wondering how to add value to your home through landscaping, keep reading as Moving Offices San Diego has prepared the answers for you!

    What is landscaping?

    In the broadest of terms, landscaping means making improvements, whether they be practical or aesthetic, to the property’s grounds. Many people like to choose the same color palette as their home, while others will go for the same materials. This helps reach a certain harmony for the whole property. However, you can pretty much do anything you want that your property will allow.

    It is also important to emphasize that landscaping doesn’t just involve mowing lawns and planting flowerbeds. It can also involve walkways, driveways, fences, fountains, managing trees, and shrubs, etc. Some landscaping work is even invisible but of great importance, like in the case of underground drainage systems.

    Does landscaping increase your property value?

    In one word – yes. We have already mentioned the curb appeal above. Research states that well-landscaped properties can have up to 10 percent higher prices compared to homes with no landscaping. Great landscaping does a lot to increase the perceived home value. It is particularly important to pay attention to it if your home itself is already expensive. Upping your curb appeal has a great return on investment and you can get a lot done without breaking the bank. All you need to do to add value to your property through landscaping is to find a contractor that stands out.

    5 tips to add value to your home through landscaping


    Trees are one of the main non-architectural ways to add value to your home through landscaping. Planting trees can seem costly at first, however, if you are strategic about it, they can actually help your home be more energy efficient. If placed right, the trees could provide amazing shade for your home in the summer, as well as wind protection in winter.

    However, trees do have some maintenance requirements. You will need to have someone come in for regular trimmings and cabling in order to keep your property safe from any accidents. Many contractors offer a variety of services, so they can be your one-stop shop for all of your landscaping needs. You can even use their expertise to get advice on which trees would work best for your property, and they can also help you with stump grinding and removal.


    One of the ways to raise the value of your property through landscaping is to work on an outdoor entertainment area. A fun way to go about this is by installing a fire pit, which also doubles as one of the features that families like having. Perhaps you already had decking or a paved area with some outdoor furniture. If this is a corner of your property you enjoy spending time in, especially when having people over, the addition of the fire pit might be just the thing that takes this area up a notch. While your contractors get to work, you can pack up and get all of your outdoor furniture into storage with the help of a professional moving and storage company.

    There will be plenty of options to choose from, but a stone fire pit can be a lovely piece of masonry to provide your yard with a focal point. You can easily make it fit right into your yard by using the same materials or colorway as those around the rest of your yard.

    A cozy patio with a fireplace.
    A fire pit is bound to add value to your home, on top of beautifying the outdoor area.

    Retaining walls

    Installing retaining walls should definitely be among the 5 tips to add value to your home through landscaping. Having a sloping yard can turn out to be quite a nightmare. The retaining walls are put in so they would support the soil. They are supposed to stop the soil from sloping too much and ruining the structure of your yard by keeping the soil on two different levels. So retaining walls are highly functional, but they can also be a great and valuable aesthetic addition to your yard.


    While there is no doubt that landscaping adds value to your home, we have not yet discussed which landscaping work adds the most value. The answer is built features like walkways, retaining walls, driveways, etc. Walkways are a great way to give structure to your property. If done right, they will provide a sense of order and neatness. If you have retaining walls or other stonework, you can use similar materials to really bring the yard together.

    A path in the grass.
    A walkway will give structure to your property.


    Finally, one of the landscaping additions to your yard that adds value to your property would be a pool. Installing a pool, of course, requires a lot of major construction work and the help of very reliable contractors.

    A pool added to the exterior of the house as to add value to your property.
    There’s nothing like a pool to lure potential buyers in!

    Prepare yourself for long and messy days, especially during the excavation and construction process. Once the pool is installed, landscaping the area around it is what will really make it add allure to your whole property. From paving to lighting, you will be able to make many functional as well as aesthetic choices that are sure to add value to your home, as well as dazzle any potential buyers! And if you need any help moving post-sale, don’t shy away from contacting us. We’d be happy to help!