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    Being retired means that you have all the time in the world. And because of that, the majority of retirees decide to relocate. However, if you’ve thought about moving from California to Idaho, you should know that there will be many things to consider. From finding movers and the best places in Idaho for Californian retirees to packing and the relocation itself. Also, you will need some tips to save money while relocating. Even though you are a retiree, you still shouldn’t spend a fortune on this process. Just remember that there is no need to rush. You have time, and it is better to do things right than fast.

    Make a list of all the obligations you will have

    Figuring out where will you exactly relocate and what your options are is important. But it is even more important that you are completely prepared for everything. And by saying prepared, you need to be aware of all your obligations and things that you need to do. First of all, you are well aware of the fact that you are a senior. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t do things on your own just because you are older, but it’s still better to have some members of your family help you out with the whole moving situation.

    When it comes to the list, you need to be certain about what it is that you want and need. Of course, you will need to find movers such as Peasley Transfer & Storage. Check out the moving services they have to determine which ones to get. Also, you need to find a new home and decide on the place to live. Last, but not least, you need also to stage your current house. Don’t forget the documents either; they might need some updating.

    A retired couple sitting on the bench at the beach.
    Once you’ve made a list, it’s time to look for a home in one of the best places in Idaho for Californian retirees.

    If you decide to pack on your own, you will need to get packing material

    Plenty of things are required when you want to pack on your own. And most importantly, you need to get all the moving and packing materials. When you do that as a senior, it is not easy at all. So don’t even think about doing it without any help. If you don’t want help from the movers, at least you can ask your family members. You should also know that, sometimes, moving materials can be quite expensive. That is why many people decide to use some alternatives.

    If you’ve got no money to spare, you can reuse cardboard boxes. Also, instead of cardboard boxes, you can use plastic ones. There are many ways in which you can use them once the relocation is over. But all these things are not as important as finding the best places in Idaho for Californian retirees. With the whole packing thing you can always find help in the end, but with finding a new place to call home, you won’t.

    One of the best places in Idaho that you need to check out is Kuna

    Kuna is a city in Idaho that has a population of 20,985. And the area is 51.5 kilometers per square. A cold season in Idaho lasts from the second part of November, until the second part of February. And normally, in these months, the average high temperature is around 47 degrees Fahrenheit. December is for sure the coldest month. On the opposite side, summers are quite hot, dry, and shorter than in California. It is also about three months long, from mid-June until mid-September. And the average daily temperature is 75 degrees Fahrenheit, with July being the hottest month. You should also know that in the entire Ada County, Kuna has the lowest housing costs, and that is only one of the reasons why people relocate there.

    Kuna is an amazing place to retire if you want to be outdoors and just enjoy nature. If you decide that this is the right place for you, local experts can jump in and help you out with moving in. There are some local movers in Kuna, and you should definitely check them out and ask for help. When movers are in charge of your relocation, they can do everything in less than a day, leaving you with free time to explore the new surroundings.

    An elder woman taking care of the garden.
    In Kuna, you can have a garden that you always wanted to have.

    Try not to pack too many things, you will end up buying new ones anyway

    A big number of retirees don’t realize that bringing too many things to your new place can be a mistake. It is better not to bring a lot, and to maybe even buy new things. But, if you still insist on bringing everything from the previous home to your new one, you should contact your movers. There are specifics about packing some items. For instance, you will need a certain kind of moving supplies for kitchen furniture. And it is very likely that you won’t be able to get it on your own. So, leave it to the professionals. They can deal with it.

    Another one of the best places in Idaho for Californian retirees worth checking out is Nampa

    Nampa is rather a suburb than a city. But believe it or not, the population is much higher than the population of Kuna. There are 93,952 inhabitants in Nampa. The residents describe this place as a sparse suburban one. There is no need to worry about safety over there because the place is rather safe. The climate is not that much different from Kuna, with the hottest month being July with a temperature of 91 degrees Fahrenheit, and the coldest month is also December, with the lowest temperature of 24 degrees Fahrenheit. When you make up your mind about Kuna or Nampa, and you choose Nampa, you need to reach out to specialists to relocate there. As in the other place, this one too has its own movers. And it’s always preferable for locals to relocate you.

    An elder male sitting outside and reading.
    In Nampa, you can find your peace outdoors.

    Don’t stress, enjoy

    You are a senior, and you should enjoy all the moments that you can get. There’s no need to stress out and worry about a relocation when there are professionals to deal with it. Your only concern should be finding the best places in Idaho for Californian retirees. There are plenty of them, but Kuna and Nampa should be your top two choices.