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    If you are looking for an authentic California and LA feel you should not look past Sherman Oaks. Although a suburb of LA Sherman oaks has a soul of its own. This is a more quiet and more peaceful place although close to the city. This is one of the best places to find a long-term residence while still living in San Fernando Valley and close to the Santa Monica Mountains. Sherman Oaks is a fantastic place to live with plenty of amenities close at hand. So, if you are in search of a new home and you want to escape the lifestyle of big cities consider moving here. Here are a few interesting facts about Sherman Oaks that just might tempt you to relocate right here.

    More of Sherman Oaks

    Sherman Oaks is a place that offers the feel of the big city while still being peaceful and quiet. This is due to the lower population density in the area a trend that is influenced largely by the higher cost of living here.  However, this might change in the future. This is because many people are finding great reasons for moving here. This trend is keeping busy with high demand for highly skilled and professional moving services. The current population of about 77 thousand inhabitants is changing over time. Many families with children are moving here predominantly from the center of LA leading to further development and change in the area.

    A shopping area
    There is a lot to do here and even more interesting facts about Sherman Oaks.

    Interesting facts

    The neighborhood of Sherman Oaks has a real suburban feel to it but in reality, it functions as a town on its own. It has all of the amenities of a city with plenty to see experience and do. t is one of the oldest and most affluent neighborhoods in LA. Since it can be expensive it is usually in the background while people are considering moving with their family to other parts of LA. However, this is changing and today there is a high interest in this neighborhood. With this in mind, you should get to know the place and some of the interesting facts about Sherman Oaks.

    • A hundred years old
    • A quiet place
    • Vibrant area with lots to do
    • Plenty of cultures
    • Nature and sights
    • A good place to live

    A hundred years old

    The neighborhood was founded in 1927 and it will be celebrating its centennial in just a few years. It was founded on an area of 1000 acres and for a long time, it did not have sat boundaries. Only in 2009, the neighborhood got its final shape. It now encompasses a wide variety of parks, restaurants, and cafes. It is a place known for its vibrant downtown and great shopping and a place of many activities and events that are organized all year round. The history of the neighborhood shows that it was a place for the rich and famous from its beginning until the present day.

    A girl in nature natural sight s are one of the interesting facts about Sherman Oaks
    There is a lot of nature and wildlife to see and explore here

    Quiet area

    Sherman Oaks today still retains the feel of old California and LA. It is a place of old architecture and much more laid back than downtown LA. It is simply put a city within a city with its own lifestyle and much quieter surroundings. The neighborhood is rich with high-end boutiques, cafes, and bistros and it still retains the old vibe. This is mostly influenced by the resident structure comprising mostly of the upper class and high earners from different fields of work. In addition to this and due to t its location this neighborhood is very safe and protected.

    A lot to do in Sherman Oaks

    Although considered a bit suburban the neighborhood has a lot to offer and plenty to do. From fine dining, to relaxing in one of many restaurants and cafes this place has it all. At the same time, it is great for outdoor activities. One of the best-known places here is Van Nuys park which allows you to exploit the warm weather of California. There are plenty of sports courts and fields that allow you the enjoyment of diverse sports activities. You can also spend a fun day at Sherman Oaks Castle Park playing golf.

    Plenty of cultures

    Sherman Oaks also offers plenty of culture. You can always enjoy a visit to many local museums here. This neighborhood is home to the Burbank Aviation Museum, Martial Arts History Museum, and Japanese Garden. All of these places offer an unparalleled experience. You can also enjoy some fine art at the Frederick R. Weisman Art Foundation.

    Nature and sightseing

    If you are into nature you can always enjoy Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve which is situated in the area. The reserve offers a glimpse into the local wildlife and nature of the area. You can explore nature by taking a walk through some well-market nature trails. You can also enjoy the local lake and get to know the surrounding nature and some of the plentiful species of butterflies, lizards, and birds that live in the area.

    Mother teaching ason at a computer
    For families, there are some great educational options and schools located here

    Sherman Oaks is a good place to live

    If you are considering moving here know that this place has a lot to offer. If you can afford it the neighborhood offers a pallet of homes ranging from ranch-style and duplex properties to great mansions.  The area is safe and cozy. If you are moving with the family know that there is top-notch education here. From elementary school to high school there are elite educational programs for elite students here. As such this place is great for families that are looking for good education and safety. Also, be sure that once you make your decision your move here can be easy and simple to execute. With the help of local movers, you can settle in with no stress or issues.

    In short

    Whether moving in or just visiting Sherman Oaks is a place that will leave a long-lasting impression. There are many interesting facts about Sherman Oaks that will make you pay a visit. However, if you are considering moving here take steps to ensure that this is the right neighborhood for you and your family before you start your relocation.