The most profitable occupations in San Diego

We all know how important a well-paying job is in the 21st century. The cost of living keeps on rising with every day. Hence, when people are deciding what they want their occupations to be, they always have one thing on their minds – money. If you happen to be moving to San Diego, consider yourself lucky! You should feel grateful because there are so many profitable occupations in San Diego, and at least one of them must be a good fit for you. Here are our picks, starting with the most lucrative one!

A San Diego sign.

Chances are you won`t be lacking any money if you get a job in one of the most profitable occupations in San Diego.

Profitable occupations in San Diego – Obstetricians

If you were expecting to see a surgeon as the highest paying job in San Diego, you were wrong. Number one spot is indeed reserved for a worker in the medical field, just a different one. Obstetricians are the ones who take the title. The job of an obstetrician is a highly rewarding one, both emotionally and, obviously, financially. After all, their job is to take care of babies and deliver them. It doesn`t get more rewarding than that! According to surveys, obstetricians make 255,900 dollars per year! It`s easy to see why they take place number one on our list. So, if you happen to be deciding on your future career right now, we think you should look no further!

Profitable occupations in San Diego – Surgeons

Surgeons are respected all over the world. Thus, they are usually the most well-paid individuals. However, when it comes to San Diego, surgeons take up place number two. Knowing the things surgeons have to do on a daily basis, it is no wonder they earn so much money. After all, they deal with people`s lives. Do you wonder how much surgeons make and why their job is among the most well-paid jobs in San Diego? Here it is. On average, a surgeon in San Diego will earn around 239,350 dollars per year. Not bad at all!

The calling of a surgeon is among the most profitable occupations in San Diego.

Surgeons in San Diego are highly paid and well appreciated for their efforts!

Profitable occupations in San Diego – Chief Executives

Being a CEO of a company is anything but easy. This job comes with a lot of stress and responsibilities. After all, you do carry the weight of the entire company on your shoulders. Having that in mind, it only makes sense that CEO`s would be on our list of the most profitable occupations in San Diego. This is due to the fact that the CEO`s responsibilities are proportionate to their salary. Of course, the exact amount of the money varies from company to company. On average, a CEO of a successful company in San Diego would earn around 205,580 dollars per year. It is up to you to decide whether you would be able to accept all of the responsibilities, as well as the benefits of this job.

Profitable occupations in San Diego – Natural Sciences Managers

If you are gifted in both science and management, this is the perfect job in San Diego for you! A natural sciences manager is a person who is in charge of a group of scientist and checks their work. Oftentimes, a natural sciences manager does his or her own projects and research. In a way, you get the best of both worlds. And when it comes to their paycheck, they also have something to look forward to. A natural sciences manager will annually earn around 170,550 dollars. That amount is the reason why natural sciences managers are among the most profitable occupations in San Diego. 

A scientist looking through the microscope.

The job of a natural sciences manager is a highly paid one in San Diego.

Profitable occupations in San Diego – Dentists

We all dread going to the dentist. Let`s face it. No one likes someone messing with their teeth. However, that fear you feel is, of course, one-sided. Your dentist is probably ecstatic to see you. That is because, as an unwritten rule, they earn a lot of money every year. The calling of a dentist is a very respectable one. But let`s see how much do they make on average in San Diego. Dentist rank just below natural sciences managers, earning 168,250 dollars per year. Perhaps you should think about becoming one! 

Industries in San Diego

Those would be the top 5 most profitable occupations in San Diego. However, before we finish, we would like to mention some of the biggest industries in San Diego, where you are guaranteed to find a job.

  • Entertainment and hospitality – by far the biggest industry in San Diego, with over 149,000 people working in it. However, the average salary in this industry is rather low – only 21,800 dollars.
  • Information and communications technology – the second biggest industry of this city. This industry is considered to have some of the most profitable occupations in San Diego.
  • Aerospace, navigation and maritime tech – the third largest industry in San Diego. The average pay in this industry is relatively high, just below 80,000 dollars per year.
  • Biotechnology and pharmaceuticals – not as big as the other industries on our list. However, the average pay in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals is, believe it or not, 107,000 dollars. Note to all of the high school students in San Diego: this might not be a bad option for you!
A microscope.

People working in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals industry have the highest salaries.

There you have it. All of the options if you are thinking about finding some profitable occupations in San Diego. As you can see, the list is very diverse, so we are sure you will be able to find something for yourself. On the other hand, if you are a young entrepreneur thinking about having a commercial relocation to San Diego, this city has you covered in that field as well. San Diego is a highly suitable place for all kinds of businesses. So what are you waiting for? Find a good neighborhood in San Diego for your office and get going. No one ever regrets moving to San Diego!

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