Things you shouldn’t forget when moving to a foreign country

September 7, 2018

Are you planning a move to a foreign country? Be prepared. Being an expat isn’t an easy thing. You should be well prepared and organized for your move abroad. Make a detailed list so you can follow your moving to a foreign country checklist. You don’t want to miss your…

Pros and cons of moving your business to Ontario

May 18, 2018

While considering the relocation of their business people are being faced with many important questions and decisions along the way. Evaluating and planning your company’s next steps will be crucial. Therefore, the change of your business focus to a new market as well as the moving process itself should be…

Moving your office from San Diego to Toronto

March 21, 2018

How to organize the process of overseas office relocation? When moving your office from San Diego to Toronto, a good organization is a crucial thing if you want successful move. That’s why we bring you few tips how to organize and handle your office move from San Diego to Toronto.

Moving abroad: what you need to know

April 21, 2017

Although it is very hard to believe it as little as 35% of American citizens have a passport. Moving abroad or even traveling isn´t part of our culture the way we would like it to be. That means that we learn about the world from TV, internet and through books…